Sneaking Loudly

Bubble bubble!

You guys, if you talked to me lately, you would have known that I had been looking for women sneakers online because:

a) I had my adventure shoes and I realised once I needed to wash them my alternate shoes would be it

b) And then when it rains, my alternate shoes would be wet too.

So I had to get another spare pair but something that is fetching and nice and not so typical?

Anyway, I ended up at Zalora since my friends shop there and from what I heard, they had really good deliveries and customer service. So ok, can. Plus, real life stores don’t really have shoes that I wanted.

From the sneakers list they had, I wondered, to try Superga?

Because they actually had it and I read the brand from Rinaz since it is Italian and pretty ok?

IN THE END THOUGH, ha ha ha nooo. I chose this Macbeth sneakers because they looked SO ROCKING and fun and non-typical.

7-11 is in it too? Ooh.

The checkout for the website is also pretty easy? I was like “LE GASP” when I saw that you can pick up at some 7-11s.

That’s actually pretty neat? I haven’t been to another shopping website that lets you pick up stuff at 7-11.

I chose the regular delivery though because hey, I could wait for my shoes.

The package!


Well more like one and a half day?! Because I ordered at night but whaaaaaaat?

SO FREAKING FAST. My shoes was there. This is even faster than some online bookstores I buy at locally.



They're here.

Ok. That was tada box. THIS IS TADA SHOES!

The only surprising thing was that I didn’t realize they were vegan! It was stated at the bottom of the inner shoe bit, also there was a funky cow design hidden in there too.

No. It doesn’t mean my shoes eat vegan stuff, it means that it’s synthetic and no animal or animal byproducts was used in making these shoes which is pretty cool.

I liiike.

Anyway, there. Now at least there’s other shoes to wear if my other ones are drying. Ok, you all can now invite me to more events since I have more shoes to go to them now.

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