Cookie time in Clementi

Clementi Mall!

This post is brought to you by becauseI got invited to check out Clementi Mall!

It’s a convenient to get to mall because it’s just outside the Clementi MRT. You can’t miss it really and it has a lot of amenities inside including a post office, so that’s cool.

A library is also on the top floor and I returned my books before I explored the mall.

It's Famous Amos!

Ahh, the basement had a lot of other food but I was checking out Famous Amos. It’s at B1-K2 by the way.


Mmmm, Famous Amos. They’ve always been a favourite of mine.


I don’t know about you but if you have never ever tasted cookies for some reason, do try Famous Amos. The cookies are crunchy, crisp.

They’re sweet and they’re not too tiny. Finger sized for you to take piece by piece and shove it into your mouth.

Not a cake.

Bruno, whoever you are, you probably will be happy.

I find that they do have large cookies or brownies for birthdays, occasions. One day, maybe I too will have a cookie not-cake.

A bag!

As for now, I’ll just be satisfied with a bag of them. They go well with my tea.

ANYWAY, check out Clementi Mall for other food since they actually have quite a bunch of restaurants and Halal ones too which is nice when going out with friends.

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