Playing around Clementi

Clementi Mall!

This post is brought to you by becauseI got invited to check out Clementi Mall!

Yes, it’s like part 2 of my adventures in Clementi mall.

I really find it self-sufficient since it has really a lot of amenities and fun stuff like book stores and… GAMES.

Zepy Games

Like Zepy Games which is on the fourth floor of the mall at #04-11/12. But it’s near the info counter so you’ll definitely see it easily in its orange glory anyway.

Games gear!

A mall should have at least one game store and Zepy Games really is pretty nice. There’s so many accessories and games for handhelds, consoles and PCs.

Besides those, they actually do stock up on card games like Magic: the Gathering so YAY.

A nice note is they also have freaking Pokemon charms from the Pokecentre in Japan.

If you also need nintendo points or other credits, they sell cards too, so you can top up your game accounts (cherry points etc). They’re pretty much the to go station for games.

Hurray for Tomb Raider and Thief!

I got myself some xbox games, heh heh. Yes. I haven’t bought those two yet but eh, now I did! Also, for every $40, you get a stamp on the card and there’s $2 discounts or so at every four stamps.

Anyway, Zepy Games is cool. It’s just so easy to get games from some place that actually KNOWS games.

Come by the shop if you’re at Clementi Mall.

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