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HELLO EVERYONE. This post and all my posts before are always moderated in comments so if you ever do comment, wait a while before I approve or well, not because a) this is my blog b) I didn’t ask you to read it.

However I am putting it publicly here as a warning or reminder to all or to safeguard each other or you know. WHATEVER.

I am pretty much pissed off when writing this. ALSO I didn’t punch the guy because on technicality he didn’t touch me. I AM JUST PISSED IF YOUNG SCHOOLGIRLS OR EVEN SCHOOLBOYS OR ANYONE ASKS FOR HELP, WILL THEY GET IT?


Dear LTA and SBS,

I am posting this on my blog just in case you don’t get to see your feedback channels or it gets lost in the midst of complains that I am sure you might have.  Thus, I am also going to copy paste this email to both of you since SBS has a feedback page while LTA at least has a public email under their contact us.

To cut it short, an old man sat next to me in bus 51. It was then I noticed he was sitting quite next to me, not the usual, guyish big legs kind of sitting but a suspicious kind of way. I wondered if he had a health issue or perhaps it was just his zipper making his crotch pants bulgy because hey, sometimes it happens. However, I was suspicious enough to move to another empty seat when it was available because he wasn’t doing anything too suspicious just shifting now and then.

Once I sat on the empty seat however, a few minutes later a lady sat down on a seat on the next row. It was then he also moved and sat next to her. Now it was obvious what he was doing because he was now shifting more and was holding a folded umbrella and using it as a ‘shield’ or a prop.

My stop was approaching but now since I knew this wasn’t a coincidence, I shouted at him and asked him if he was a pervert. The old man just smiled and tried to play it off. I approached your bus driver and told him what happened in English in simple terms. “There is a pervert in the bus. He is touching himself in your bus” but unfortunately your bus driver could not understand me and told me that the next stop was Bugis.

This could be quite a comedic happenstance since no matter what I told him, he could not understand me even if I had said aloud for the whole bus to hear that the man was masturbating in the bus.

Unfortunately, no one else in the bus would help translate what I said.

In my own way, I am glad to at least say it out loud so that the lady was warned and that there was a couple sitting behind her too if anything for I stomped out of the bus angrily. For that would increase more suspicion on their part.

My fault was that I didn’t take the number of the license of your bus nor did I take a picture of the pervert because I was too incensed about it. Because really, I was too angry that your bus driver couldn’t understand me that such things was happening in there.

Thus LTA/SBS, while you have your Thoughtful Family campaign now, can you tell me what should I do or others do when drivers cannot understand that there is something happening in their bus or perhaps in trains?

This was just one incident, if there was another incident, what should we do or what is your protocol?

As it is, I checked on this SBS page on Public Transport Security Committee and there is actually nothing on the page.


EDIT: SBS REPLIED on 27th September. That’s good. But so far they say they’re investigating and going to counsel the driver. However, we’ll see how because I asked them what is the SOP instead.

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