Things I Didn’t Learn in School

This should be in a category of its own, I guess but this is after all a semi announcement.

You’d know if you were talking to me as of late.

For now, I’ve researched the ‘self-help’ or non-fiction side of Singapore’s publishing and it’s either Candid which is pretty much self publishing but they do have distribution services or Armour which is not really self publishing and more well known for the self help or even Marshall Cavendish. I’m gonna give first dibs to Two Trees first whenever completed though for reasons.

There might be Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown or Twentysomething: Why do Young Adults Seem Stuck? by Samantha and Robin Marantz Henig and much more but they don’t really have it for Singapore context. They’re books are helpful but still, it’s good if you can have something that is not US-centric.

And no, I didn’t think of this when I read their books. I only learned about their books after my friends pointed their existence when I wanted to write mine. Heh, looks like we all need a lot of help somehow.

So here’s Things I Didn’t Learn in School aka #TIDLiS if I wanted to hashtag it. A non-fiction book which I haven’t tried out before but ehh, my blog here has been pretty non-fictional yeah?

I’m switching in between my fiction and non-fiction work whenever I get stuck so this is pretty ok.

That’s it for today’s State of Sarah because… really I wanna let you know the things I didn’t learn in school.

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