Bagedil Tahu Recipe

the ingredients

Or in other words, bagedil that is made of toufu. Usually bagedil is made of potatoes but my family makes both variations. The potato and the toufu ones. You can probably find the recipe easily for the potato one since it’s everywhere, this is the one made of toufu. Also, cause my friends asked me for the recipe, so here you go since it’s a holiday today and I managed to take pictures on how to make it.

The ingredients:

2 red chillies

1 egg

A bunch of parsley (daun sup)

Fried onions or shallots

Handful of prawns

6 small firm toufu

As Asian cooking go, yes. It’s pretty much guess the amount of ingredients to put in. You can make it vegetarian by NOT putting the prawns in or if you want, you can substitute the prawns with tune or something.

We had some prawns at home so oooh, ok just added it, usually ours can be ‘plain’ without it and it is still heck delicious.

Chop it up

Chop the parsley and chillies into really tiny pieces. Ignore the egg.


Chop the prawns too into tiny pieces.

Fried onions

Yeah, you don’t have to fry the onions if you have it ready. Sometimes you can buy it ready made here in Singapore, or if you have time, just fry it yourself.

The smooshing

Ok, smoosh the toufu. By the way, as you can see from the ingredients, there’s no salt because this toufu is already salty. OH and before you smoosh it up, make sure it is dry. So before all this smooshing, try to remove as much water from it as possible since it might come in a bag with water.

You can add salt in if your toufu is some generic from supermarket in pretty little packages that are more sweet than salty?


All smooshed up! Make sure it is really smooth.

Time to mix it up

Ok. Dump all the ingredients in except the egg.

All mixed up

Yes. Mix it all up.

Add egg!

Finally add the egg. You just need one for this batch, any more you’d get it super runny and soft and you won’t be able to make it into little balls.

Mix it all together now!

Roll it around

Now, make it into small balls and roll it around until it is smooth and without cracks. If you have cracks, they’ll break up into pieces when they’re being fried.

Here. If you don’t know how to shape it for some reason.

All ready to fry

It helps if you have a tray ready to put all this here. No, it’s not going to be baked, just space them out so it is easy for you to pick it up later.

Slide and fry!

Medium high heat with enough oil to cover the bottom half, slide the bagedil into the frying pan.

You might want to ‘shape’ it a little as you slide it into the oil since the bottom might get flat while it was on the tray.


Flip it one by one only once it has turned slightly brown because then it won’t break into tiny pieces.

And it is done!

And it is done! Take them out when it’s golden brown like this. So it’s crispy outside and soft inside.

You wanna eat it

Tada! You can eat them with rice, sambal, noodles. Whatever. Or just eat it on its own like that. I kind of made them and once they were ready, I ate them soooo maybe you might want to make a lot of bagedils in case you eat them immediately after they’re ready.

Inside of a bagedil

See! Crispy outside, the sorta smooth and soft in the inside with your cooked prawns and whatnot.

There you go, bagedil tahu.

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