For a Shrubbery

GBB ticket!

Well. I went to Gardens by the Bay and yeah. That’s it really, I don’t know what to say.

It’s a garden? Hahah, I went to both the flower dome and the cloud forest.

If you’re a resident of Singapore, you get a discount.

Leap of faith?

The entry to cloud forest is WOAAAH. Once you enter, you are hit with the lovely cold air. I thought of Assassin’s Creed from that bridge thing over the top there.

You shouldn’t jump off it… But it DOES have a lovely view on top.

The place is quite a walk and while it does have lifts, I’m not sure if it is fully user friendly accessible? Not for the cloud forest anyway. There’s ramps and such but it’ll be a tricky way to maneuver with the crowds of tourists too.

Bridge!From the top.

You can see the plants, flowers and they even have mini venus fly traps and pitcher plants. It’s just so cooling in there?

Mini trains?

There are mini scenarios too and it’s just calming and zen, pretty much.

Cactus!Then we went to the flower dome.

This is an obligatory flower dome picture because… Well, yes.

By the way, flower dome seems SO MUCH MORE user friendly accessible. It’s got places you can sit and enjoy the various gardens in there too.

If you like to see various trees, flowers and plants of the leisurely sort, go to the flower dome.

Last Garden

Anyway, I’m going BACK to Gardens by the Bay. Heads up, people! There’s gonna be a GAME in there from 13th to 22nd February by the Real Escape Game People.

LAST GARDEN: Save Nature, Save Humanity revolves around a futuristic Singapore in year 2065. The island city-state has developed into an extremely advanced self-sufficient country. However, the energy source that powers Gardens by the Bay is depleting at a rapid rate.

There is only one way to save it: Legend has it that if one finds the legendary orb somewhere in Gardens by the Bay, it will then receive tremendous power such that not only will the eco-system be saved from threat, new offspring of flowers will also blossom. Embark on a quest to discover the legendary orb and save nature and humanity!

You can get the tickets online here: .

It’s going to be different than the regular REG ones because it’s more of up to YOU to solve it when you visit the gardens instead of  scary one hour deadline trapped in a room. Actually, I don’t know how it is, but I WILL FIND OUT on the day itself.

Oh and before you guys ask, no. I’m not going to reveal the answers or whatever it is.

Did you know people do email about this? For the various REG games even BEFORE they have played. It’s quite spoilerific if they want to know how to solve before they do it, don’t they?

Where’s the fun in that?

Anyway. There we go. Why don’t you guess what date I’m going for this game.

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