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It's Irene Ang!

I got invited to the first Fly Social Exchange at Bar Naked. Actually, I was a bit “Hmmm” about it because the topic was SG50: What does it have to do with me?

If you didn’t know, I came up with the #SG50Game on twitter.

It goes a bit like this:


So I know SG50 is going to be here until quite a while. At least until the year is over.

However, I read that the invited panelists were: Pat Law, Daniel Ang, Patricia Mok, Kelvin Ang, Tosh Zhang and Hayley Woo.

Plus, since the moderator is Irene Ang

Then this Fly Social Exchange thing is going to be interesting.

Or at least, yeah I’m somewhat of a Pat Law fangirl, haaaa.

OH, fun fact: I once enrolled in Fly Academy’s acting class, it was nice. From the brief time I was there, I did know the place had quite fun staff and teachers (who are actors/actresses/hosts/etc). AND I KNOW Irene Ang is a really, really good host too.

PS. NO. I DIDN’T COUNT ALL the SG50 talk mentions in my challenge because I’m not doing it beast mode.

PPS. Before it all started, we learned that the hashtag was #FlySoSure because… Fly Social… GET ITTT?


The panellists.

Right, well the panel was REALLY informative and funny. I brought along Max and Jo because I know I’d be such a nerd in a bar so instead, with the two of them there, we became a nerd table instead. (THANKS FOR GIVING ME A PLUS TWO to the event you Fly guys [pun]).

Anyway, it was really like a chit chat session somewhat but with the thoughts of the panelists about what it meant to them and such. It is SO MUCH un-serious like how some panels of SG50 would be like? Yet it had all the good important points.

Stuff I remembered, which I liked:

Pat Law saying that don’t just talk do it. Cause UGHHH it really is a thing. People usually just talk and complain but don’t do? I mean, sure you can complain and such but come on people. Try to do something about it.

And I believe a little something of anything does help than instead of just talking (as you might tell from my blog… in what hijinks I get too and that’s not even half of it).

Another one is Patricia Mok, she got the trio of us cheering because wow. She really raises a lot of points.

Like how why not singletons, if they can afford it why can’t we buy homes at 30 instead of 35, of single parent rights and oh maaan. It’s just so logical, not rant RANTY but it makes people think?

Pretty much, we went all OH SNAAAAP.

Ok, not to leave the other panelists out but really, the two of them were my favs out of them all but ALL of them were good just that P&P had topics that I really had thought on before.

Lucky draw!

Auggh, cannot help it, the whole panel was like a light hearted comedy BUT with punchy facts, which I like.

I really can’t do serious panel stuff since I might fall asleep on it. Ok, fine. I can do serious panel stuff listening but I prefer ones like these because it’s like listening to friends.

No poshness, no fancy stuff, just unrestrained talk.

#sg50 Heh heh.

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Also, there were goodie bags! That’s the front and back of it. With some sponsored stuff by Fly and Toni & Guy.

Scoot sponsored a pair of tickets to Gold Coast but awww, I didn’t win this time for it was somewhat of a lucky draw.

Byeeee Bar Naked

And that was it for the first Fly Social Exchange. I really don’t know what future topics will be but that was a pretty good start.

If you get the opportunity to go for one, I would think that yes, go!

In non-Fly Social Exchange talk:

OK, SO WE ORDERED LIKE, a heck load of cranberry and lime juice and coke and ginger ale. I know, we’re such PG rated people in a bar. But there you go, also their ginger ale was the spicy kind which I liked, not the sweet one so hah!

We sat there while celebrities did their thing and talked to their friends.


a) We ARE the shy type or at least, we wouldn’t really know what to say to people who are not…artist/comic people/geeks?

b) What DO you even say to them.

It’s ok… It’s ok. We enjoyed the panel and the free drinks (and they had little canape things but before that we had burritos so we were too stuffed to eat canapes).

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