Tickets to the ship!

I went onboard the RSS Endurance because of SAF50@Vivo and mostly because I won tickets from the Channel News Asia morning show quiz. HOHOHOHOH. You guys. You should enter quizzes and try win tickets for stuff if you’re into them.

I know that sounds a bit duh but you’ll never know if you don’t try and see if you might win tickets to the thing you love want.

I wanted these particular set of tickets because WOOH.

Note the little corner on top? It’s got a special bit where we can ride the FCU aka Fast Craft Unit!

I like speedy things, you see.

Mostly, to be on them.*

RSS Endurance

Since I had tickets we went in quickly past the other line since there was a queue for general public too. Anyway, it’s so exciting to be on a ship like this.

Get to the choppaaah

A helicopter! You could take pictures in it too. Anyway, we went downstairs the ship for our timeslot for FCU was soon.

Down we go!

Like an FPS game here, me with my ticket and walking through the corridors.

Mind your head so that you don’t hit it on the ceiling or lift your legs so you won’t trip over the door ledges.

Waiting for the FCU

That’s the FCU. We got to wear life jackets for safety and watched a little video on the side and listened to instructions.

After all, it’s a moving vessel on water and one needs to be safe.

We did a little slow route out of Vivocity and then once the FCU got out of the main harbour it wooshed all the way around past Sentosa and to the wider spaces where it could show how fast it was.




Because I was on the side and going yay at it all until I tasted salt water. It was really fun like that though.

Off we go!

The cool naval crew on the FCU steering it.

From the other side.

A view of the RSS Endurance on the other side aka the water side.

That's cute.

After our ride, we toured inside the ship where the crew worked, ate and slept. They do have a library and a pretty fancy wardroom.

What I liked most was seeing this in one of the cabins! So cute. Not sure if it was there to show how cheery it is for the tour but hello Pikachu!

The mess hall was pretty much like a canteen with those plastic blue and yellow tables and benches and the kitchen was all steel. I do like the kitchen, means the crew do get to eat food prepared for them relatively freshly made(?) since they’re out to sea for months on it.

It was a rather enjoyable tour around. The naval crew and ‘ambassadors’ from what I saw on their lanyards are all so polite and nice too. Ahhh, it was a great time checking the ship out.


*That’s what she said.

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