Bag Meme

Considering the past week was a week of mourning in Singapore, I really didn’t have any ‘adventures’ or the such.

But instead, have a bag meme.

What do you have in your bag? This bag is just my smaller bag of items. Usually, I have more in it.

Want to know what it is?

My inventory:

1) an umbrella – gives +4 defense

2) A hobbit moleskine to write any notes

3) A kindle for story references and I store pretty much my books in it.

4) A library book because I was reading romance and yeah.

5) Camera. This is my adventure camera. Canon all the way.

6) Earphones.

7) Wallet. It’s explosive proof by the way. I mean, really because I needed one that would withstand me so I got myself a military wallet.

8) Pink kendama to provide agility skills?

9) Power bank. The usb cord’s somewhere else but yeah. For charging.

10) A lanyard with a space pen, time turner and gerber microtool. Because you need to write, fix things or time (?!)

11) And a Laurier slimguard pad sample for emergencies. Like gun shot wounds or stabbings against your space werewolf boyfriend. Or ya know, periods.

So that’s in my bag of lesser holding. What’s in your regular basic kit?

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

2 thoughts on “Bag Meme”

  1. Work bag will have:
    1) wallet
    2) work pass
    3) mobile phone
    4) extra battery & charging cradle for mobile phone
    5) 7″ tablet for comic book reading, books and Mola mola
    6) makeup bag
    7) pin carrying case, in case of hijab emergency
    8) carrying bag for pad, liner, and wet wipes
    9) tissue paper
    10) Umbrella
    11) various receipts that I just dump in my bag after buying stuff

  2. (I like that description you have of the pad.)

    In my work bag, I have:
    1. Wallet
    2. Phone
    3. Lighting cable
    4. Keys
    5. Star Wars moleskine diary for 2015
    6. Fountain pen (IDEK)
    7. Lighter

    It’s really basic, but yeah, I think having pen and paper around at all times is a good trait to have.

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