After what? Aftershock PC


I got a new laptop! Her name is FURIOSA. She’s a new rig from Aftershock.

Why a new laptop? Cause my previous one was somehow missing?

I don’t know but I couldn’t wait for a PC show or sales and such. I needed a new one.

After asking everyone and posting on FB and twitter, pretty much with the requirements I wanted, Aftershock seemed to be it!

OH WAIT YAH, this is not an advertorial.

This is me going AHHHHHHHH cause now everyone seems to want to get an Aftershock after my ‘research’ and everyone else’s machines dying.

Ok. The research was pretty much discussing with everyone online which would be best with my requirements and then everyone figured out their own and yeah… That’s it really.

SO YEAH, this was how it went.


It took a few days to be built.

Did you know you get it ‘cheaper’ if you pay in cash or nets instead of online on their website?

The staff at their branch at Funan was pretty nice. I approached the guy on shift and he told me how it was. A minimum $200 deposit which you can pay in cash or nets there.

And then the balance of the payment when you get your rig, either delivered to their Funan one or their other main branch.

So ordering it was simple since we did it ‘online’ there and I paid in real life. So woooh.

This is an M-15. I wanted something budgety but worked for what I needed.

Also I didn’t realize that 15 inches was that big because I had been working on screens smaller than it?! It just made me go woah.

Them keys.

And then I got a call during the weekend while one of their staff told me she was giving me a free upgrade for my hard drive. The convo basically went like this:

Aftershock Staff: We’re giving you a free upgrade for your HDD, would you be ok with that?

Me: Yes. Do it.


Also she was checking through my list of specs while they were building and asked if I really needed Windows 7 because I would save monies if I just stuck to windows 8.

Awww, they really care for your rig and budget but I told her I’m going to stick to it since I don’t know if my adobe stuff will work ok on win 8.

I did learn that if you were on a win 8, you can have a shell to make it look like win 7.

No matter, they really do confirm with you and then TADAAA.

A few days later, my laptop was done!

SMS me.

In fact, I was waiting for my crew at the national library, in the basement reading Lovely Complex when I got an sms from Aftershock.

I got it at 6.54pm.

The shop closed at 7.30pm.

I ran.

That's totally not 12 minutes.

I ran like some pink blur all the way from the national library to Funan and made it in time.

Suffice to say, it was totally worth it.

Borderlands 2

My adobe suite stuff is running pretty ok!

Still not going to chance it with win 8 since I have heard it bugged out for some people with the ‘older’ software I might use anyway.

Besides that, since my new rig is technically a gaming rig, I’m finally lag free and able to play with others. Huzzah!!

I’ve also gotten some of my humble bundle games on steam and…

Hatoful Boyfriend

Ok, so I’m playing Hatoful Boyfriend too.

I am a human.

They actually have a pretty nice soundtrack?

Where is everybirdie?

I don’t know really.

Anyway, want a custom rig, nice staff and at affordable prices? Yeah, I’m totally pointing towards Aftershock.

Ps. It’s a Singapore brand too so wooooh.

Pps. I AM PLAYING OTHER GAMES TOO, like, good grief. Yes, I’m going to take advantage that this is an actual proper laptop.

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