Driving Merlions

Merlion Edition

Yes, what you see here is a special edition Mini 4WD Merlion Edition – Singapore 50th Anniversary Tamiya car.

I got it from Stargek.

It’s an Avante base from what I built but with a Merlion rider and… You can see for yourself how the design is.

It’s… It’s pretty tacky. It’s one of the tackiest things I’ve ever built. I don’t know, maybe someone really likes this design?

Good for them but it’s not my style.

Still, it’s pretty unique.

Front of the car


From the front. I don’t really know if this will balance properly because the motor is really good and fast even if it is the default one in the kit.

The box

It comes in like this. Fine print says:

This limited edition model commemorates the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Republic of SINGAPORE Independence since 09 August 1965

“Merlion Symbol Approval STB/MS-07/2015”

Merlion Figure Included. Red Body. High-Performance Super-II Chassis (White). Large Doa. Wheel (White). Large Dia. Hard Low-Profile Tire (Red) w/Lettering. Type 130 Motor, 4.2:1 Gear Included

This is a high performance shaft-riven mini 4wd racer assembly kit

Snap together assembly. No glue required. Requires two R6/AA/UM3 Batteries (not included)

The side

It does come with a normal battery belt so you don’t have to put the Merlion on if you want.

The story

Ah yes. The story:

Singapore 50th Anniversary 1/32 Scale Racing Mini 4WD Series Special Edition

(About the Model) This special model commemorates the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Singapore,its lively red and white color scheme inspired by the Singaporean flag. The driver is none other than the Merlion, icon of the Southeast Asian nation. Runs on the adaptable Super-II Chassis molded in tough polycarbonate ABS. Dish-type wheels are paired with large-diameter hard slick tires featuring sidewall print. 4.2:1 speed gear and Type 130 motor included. Comes with specially-designed metallic stickers. Easy snap-together assembly. No cement required. Requires two r6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately)



Everything inside the kit. I don’t know where I’d put the name sticker so I didn’t put it on.

Probably at the bottom?

Before closing it.

And yep. That’s how it is before I assembled the top of the chassis.

So many SG50 dots on one small car…

Anyway, this was pretty fun to build.

I might get another one that isn’t a special edition car and hey, maybe I might just try to race this one to see if it can actually go about at high speeds without toppling over during curves.

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