ICDS 2015 or Attack on Discounts

ICDS poster v2 2015

ICDS is on this weekend! You can check their facebook too. The 22nd and 23rd of August, 11am to 7pm at Scape. This year you do have to pay for entry to all sections of ICDS.

But it’s pretty cheap compared to what you’ll get in there, yeah?

HERE’S THE QUICK STUFF you need to know:

1) It’s $5 for one day $8 for both days. Limited tickets at the door but you can buy online at Peatix. Note: They have an admin fee of $1 so it’s more worth it if you buy with friends online and share the admin fee.

2) Grabtaxi offer for new users to/from Scape only with the code “ICDS2015” for an $8 ride. Which means, if you’re from Jurong to Scape, you’ll get a discount of $8 from the final fee. That’s an example by the way. Or Scape to home… You get the idea. This is only on 22 and 23rd. Bring home your cosplay things/loot. Grabtaxi is available on ios and android.

3) Cosmetics, makeup and such will be on discount during ICDS. Time to stock up for your cosplay

4) First 1000 people to visit ICDS will get a $2 coupon from Anime Yorozuya when you come in to take your booklet/wristband thing at the ticket counters.

5) YES. THIS YEAR the tickets are wristbands so be sure to wear them.

6) Funbie Studios will be there, if you ever wondered how to do 3d printing for cosplay props, TALK TO THEM. Also, this year’s cosplay trophies are 3d printed by them!

7) FREE GABU GABU. Grab your free can of Gabu Gabu while stocks last. It’s delicious. Grab five Gabu Gabu and you’ve already gotten your ticket’s worth already. OMG OK PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. Let others drink too.

8) Oh yes, there’s a DBS atm near the ‘back’ if you need more cash so there’s no reason you can’t really get moolah for what loot you want to get.

Where to buy tickets if at Scape and what are on the various levels?

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Keeping It Quiet

I have no idea what other people’s requirements for headphones are but mine are usually:

  • Actual headphones so people know I’m wearing them and don’t disturb me.
  • Awesome bass
  • Looks good
  • Value for money because like heck if I get headphones that are cheaptastic but aren’t good? It’s not worth it then.

Such sexaaay looking headphones

These ones look super nice.

Anyway, sometimes don’t you wish that they come in super cheap so that you can buy a whole dozen of it and then pass it out in the trains/buses especially in the mornings? I MEAN COME ON. People, headphones are a thing. Heck, earphones too.

Use them!

Buy them if you can buy handphones or tablets or whatever. I don’t need to know or hear what you’re playing and it can get so loud when all I want to do is sleep in the bus/train if it’s super early.

Or just, please just keep it quiet. Sometimes I want to do a “BEHOLD, YOU WON THE PRIZE OF… HEADPHONES. Now, use them” if I was ever sponsored by some brand or something that would give it away.

A campaign like Silent Sally or something. We have Move in Martin and whoever else?

Turn your noise levels down if you’re playing a game or playing songs. No one wants to listen to your techno or whatever songs. If they did, you’d be a DJ on the radio already. Actually yeah, if you want to do that, go make your own channel online so people will choose to listen to it instead of not being able to stop it in public transport.

Would anyone actually do a campaign like that?

Why doesn’t anyone do a campaign like that anyway? Get to it brands, you can use this idea as some promo or something because everyone would love silence or at least unnecessary noise from gadgets when they could be quiet in the first place.


At least it’ll work on some. I don’t know how you would tell the elderly to stop doing it when they love playing their radios aloud in the bus…

But “youngins” should know to quit it anyway.

So yeah, do you guys who take public transport ever feel we should have some Silent Sally?

N.E.mation! 10 Call for Entry!

N.E.mation 10

It’s N.E.mation! 10 !! You guys, it’s the tenth anniversary of this competition.

When it first started out, I remember I was a poly student watching it on the tv in the bus and the animations that the teams did on it and went “Woah, I want to enter that” but I couldn’t because I was already a poly student and “out” of the competition already.

Flash forward to years later, I still couldn’t join the competition but I did become a blogger and then an ambassador for N.E.mation!

I even won the chance to go to the USA with a team too in one of the years.

Anyway, if you get the chance to enter this competition, do it.

The prizes are awesome, the skills you learn are really good.

It’s not even the part where you learn how to animate, it’s how you learn time management, learning how to take criticisms and friendship.

So what’s the theme this year?

Together We Keep Singapore Strong

At the start of the next 50 years, it is a good time to reflect on and reaffirm the strength, values and beliefs that have brought Singapore this far and, more importantly, the values that reside within each and every Singaporean to take Singapore forward. Together, we will continue to play our part to keep Singapore strong.

NE10 Poster

Click the poster to embiggen!

1) Form a team of 3-4 (I suggest 4 if you can because you guys really need a lot of teamwork)

2) Register online at www.nemation.sg

3) Submit your ideas by 16 August 2015

Don’t be afraid okay? If you need ideas how you can view the Online Story Workshop at https://nemation.sg/story/

What are the prizes?

One of it is winning a freaking trip to the USA!! Or you can read the list here.

But from what I’ve seen in the past competitions, there are so many prizes like cameras, 3ds etc. I don’t know what’s it this year but it’s always worth it.

Yeah, you get to do all those if you win the grand prize!

OK! I don’t want you guys to keep reading this when you should just click REGISTER AT N.E.mation! Go, go, go!!

All the fine details are there. Grab your friends and get into this adventure where you might win loot!