N.E.mation! 10 Call for Entry!

N.E.mation 10

It’s N.E.mation! 10 !! You guys, it’s the tenth anniversary of this competition.

When it first started out, I remember I was a poly student watching it on the tv in the bus and the animations that the teams did on it and went “Woah, I want to enter that” but I couldn’t because I was already a poly student and “out” of the competition already.

Flash forward to years later, I still couldn’t join the competition but I did become a blogger and then an ambassador for N.E.mation!

I even won the chance to go to the USA with a team too in one of the years.

Anyway, if you get the chance to enter this competition, do it.

The prizes are awesome, the skills you learn are really good.

It’s not even the part where you learn how to animate, it’s how you learn time management, learning how to take criticisms and friendship.

So what’s the theme this year?

Together We Keep Singapore Strong

At the start of the next 50 years, it is a good time to reflect on and reaffirm the strength, values and beliefs that have brought Singapore this far and, more importantly, the values that reside within each and every Singaporean to take Singapore forward. Together, we will continue to play our part to keep Singapore strong.

NE10 Poster

Click the poster to embiggen!

1) Form a team of 3-4 (I suggest 4 if you can because you guys really need a lot of teamwork)

2) Register online at www.nemation.sg

3) Submit your ideas by 16 August 2015

Don’t be afraid okay? If you need ideas how you can view the Online Story Workshop at https://nemation.sg/story/

What are the prizes?

One of it is winning a freaking trip to the USA!! Or you can read the list here.

But from what I’ve seen in the past competitions, there are so many prizes like cameras, 3ds etc. I don’t know what’s it this year but it’s always worth it.

Yeah, you get to do all those if you win the grand prize!

OK! I don’t want you guys to keep reading this when you should just click REGISTER AT N.E.mation! Go, go, go!!

All the fine details are there. Grab your friends and get into this adventure where you might win loot!

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