I Can’t See the Light

It’s hazy.

My take is that if you can see the air, wear a mask. Whatever, there will be people saying “No needlah” but whatever. That’s them. I’ll wear my mask, thank you very much because I can tell the difference with and without it.

Especially when I went for a shoot and oh my goodness. Yes. Whatever, maybe you’re good without it, cool. My asthmatic friends, just wear it okay?

I got my 3M V-flex mask from Guardian pharmacies but I did notice them being sold at Popular bookstores too.

And this is an upgrade from Vogmask. We have an online store selling to Singapore.

Verdict? It’s comfier than the 3M one and way more stylish. Still, if you want to get an even more cooling one, try the double vent one, I guess since it’s cotton (I haven’t tried it but I’m guessing since if this one is ok, that one should be even better).

I still have the 3M with me but with the Vogmask, I’m sure I won’t accidentally tear it or anything of that sort. Let’s face it. Until Indonesia gets things sorted out, the haze is going to be here for quite a bit.

With all this haze though, it means most of our activities are limited indoors. But ungghhhh. I can stay indoors. On the computer all the time but eh, sometimes one needs to just go out and run around.

SO HERE’S A LIST of indoor activities you can do that does not involve being stuck at home (besides lurking in shopping malls):

  1. Climb Asia at Civil Service Club. If you don’t have a climbing license for belayed climbs, you could try bouldering.
  2. Climb Central at Kallang Wave.
  3. Swimming pool at Aquatic Centre. I think it’s indoor, not the main one, the one for practice but you’ve got to check if it is open to public in case there’s training.
  4. Trampoline park ! Jump here and there…
  5. Laser Ops . It’s totally indoor laser tag at Dhoby Ghaut. We went there before and it was fun as heck.
  6. Lilliputt miniature golfing. Indoors, mini golf. Aircon. Ahhh… It’s like visiting mini Singapore with tiny balls. Erm, right. Anyway, we did find it fun when you go with a bunch of friends.
  7. Go to the various museums in Singapore. Come on, this should be pretty obvious. The museums are rather fun or check out the art galleries too.
  8. Libraries. Sure, it’s not a strenuous activity but it’s great to borrow books or dvds. Did you know they also increased loans since this year, 2015 is their 20th anniversary?
  9. Learn how to play Magic: the Gathering at Summoner’s . It’s a small shop but it’s got a friendly owner and such. Just say you’re new and you want to learn how to play and they might teach you or some people there might help you out.
  10. Go to a cat cafe like Neko No Niwa or The Company of Cats (remember to check their rules!) OR the Cat Museum (I guess I could put this under the museum list but eh, I’m putting this under cats).
  11. Boardgame cafes. If I can put learn M:tG in the list, you can play other games too in these cafes but bring some friends or you’ll be the only one playing jenga or something.
  12. Go visit your friend’s house and eat their food.

So, what have you guys been doing? Haze days are like rainy or snow days but with more sucky air.

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