Time to vote on NEMATION!

It is time!

It’s time to vote on N.E.mation!!

How to vote:

1. Select the checkboxes of 3 of your favourite clips on https://nemation.sg/

2. Fill in your particulars.

3. Click ‘submit your vote’ and stand to win prizes! (Ipads!)

4. Voting is from 24 January to 14 February 2016.

WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE? VOTE FOR MY TEAMS In The Forces We Trust by Duck Vaders and The Big Puzzle by Spatium



SEEEEeeeee. Nice right? Anyway, there are 4 ways to vote too instead of just voting one way. You can vote for THREE teams so choose Duck Vaders and Spatium and one last one ok?


1) Website at www.nemation.sg
2) By mobile website, just go to www.nemation.sg on your phone.
3) On the facebook!
4) Or even SMS! Send it in the format: NE10 <space> WEB <space> C5, C9, C6 <space> NRIC <space> Full name to 76677

C5 is Duck Vaders and C9 is Spatium, the last C can be any other team.

Anywho, there was the picnic last week, while you guys might not have been there, it was quite a lively event.

Picnic 2016!

This was the N.E mation picnic. Free popcorn and cotton candy too.

Getting people to watch

The girls were there with their own supporters canvasing the crowd too.

Duck Vaders

Actual Duck Vaders.

A puzzl@

Spatium had puzzles of course!

Lucky draw?

There was a lucky draw in which you could win cookies that they baked over at their booth if you voted for them too. Still, the group was running around doing the treasure hunt by the hosts of the picnic.

It was pretty lively… but anywho YOU should just look at what they’ve finally made and after all that hard work, vote on who you think should win!

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