Nothing in Party-Cular People of Singapore

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What’s Nothing In Party-Cular People of Singapore? It’s nothing really. It’s a bbq/picnic thingy that we plan to happen on a long weekend or just some random date because sometimes you got to just have a random day to chill out.


That’s why it happens for nothing in particular.

Twitter trend

Oh and we happen to twitter trend whenever it happens. This year was the second year for it. So wooh.


Ok photos are a mix by me and the really nice looking ones is by Furry Photos cause I invited him to the bbq/picnic too.

This year since we couldn’t rent a villa or a chalet (we tried EVERY 80 days then 60 days and so on for their ‘minimum’ but apparently there’s other things underfoot. Hmm…) we rented a normal bbq pit at Pasir Ris Park and oh. Yes.


Set up!


If we can’t get a shelter, we’ll bring a shelter with us.

Group work!

The guest list was an eclectic cast of internet people and we brought stuff for the bbq/picnic.

Garden Slug pasta!

And Garden Slug even sponsored a tray of aglio olio!

In tent

And everyone did get to chill out a bit.

Holding on

But the wind was getting stronger and everyone held on to the tent?

Mini break

Ok it rained and we rain to the closest shelter which was the toilet, a few metres away until it stopped.


We chilled out with a cat in the meantime and since it was a passing cloud, we went back to our bbq pit some time after.

And the festivities begin!

Finally time light the fires! Ok, I’ll just post pics now cause it’s obvious what everyone does.




Using Ikea bbq

Oh by the way, that’s a seasonal IKEA mini bbq pit called the KORPÖN that’s available at the time of this post.


Eat some more

3ds playing

Playing 3ds too.

Playing card games

Card game!

It’s called Moral Dilemma.

Still with the game

Eat also

Half playing Moral Dilemma, half eating the food by the bbq.

I don't know

I don’t really know what happens here but ok.

Fake drama show

Then we fake we are in some Korean drama. But in reality we also looked over a dead catfish.

Le drama

So drama.


Anyway, near the end of it we had our “RC Grassroots” type official picture. The serious kind they always have.

Left boob

And we did the Chris Evans laughing while holding left boob also.

Run away!

It was a fun bbq/picnic. Games, food. Green coca cola, dog and cat petting and skateboard lessons happened while we had our thing there.

Next time, I really hope we can rent that freaking cheap villa/chalet so we can chill indoors too. Thanks to all that came by or tried to come!

The banner

Ps. Nah, cause I know you all want to read our banner.

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