SDS 4.2 – Space Oddity

This cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity seem fitting for this episode of Sarah Does Singapore. It’s from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Milty.

You should watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s about doing things.

To chase after what you want to do or to your goal.

Anyway, I went to the Art Science Museum with my friends and had a ridiculous amount of fun there.

Future World doesn’t have a deadline.

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder ends on 26 February 2017.

NASA – A Human Adventure ends on 19 March 2017.

Those were the exhibits I went.

I suggest you go in groups of at least 3 people because there are some exhibits where it’s best to have 2 people in a picture and the last can help take pics for you and you guys take turns.

Also, did you know the area around ASM is abundant with pokemon?

We chatted with the security staff as we waited for our friends at the ticket counter. You get discount if you’re Singaporean/PR/Student so be sure to bring your identity cards.

Extra discount if you have the MBS Card (it’s free but you got to sign up at MBS itself and if you’re early in the morning their counters might not be open.)

The staff said, go to Future World first because it’ll get crowded and wow.

Future World is just wow.

If you have kids, bring them there. It’s a great place to play and interact with the exhibits.

It’s about envisioning how the future might be.

It’s the most fun to take pictures with too.

We mainly spent a lot of time in Future World, playing with the stuff (some we can’t cause we’re adults and can’t fit on the slide…).

Also, we went on the last day of 2016 as a way of “2016 sucked, let us try to make 2017 a better year”.

Please, give yourselves hope for the future.

No matter what is happening now, know that even one person can help or change situations even if it is small.

It is something.

Next we went to the NASA exhibit.

It’s Russia vs USA in terms of going into space. I found this part amusing. See all those cameras?

If you ever want a Hasselblad 70 MM Super Wide Camera lens, you should go to the moon.

Also, if you want to try out the g-force simulator, it’s $6, near the exit of the exhibit.

Pretty much, it’s astronauts and all their ships and well, if you really like spaceships, GO.

I found it rather educational really and how they tried to go to the moon and that good grief, some space ship stuff are up on ebay because they needed to sell it off.

But wow, all the work the scientists had to go through, all the trouble they faced and yet they wanted to go up there.

Go up into space. It’s their goal. It’s their mission.

Escher’s World is super trippy.

It’s really amazing how he did his pen and ink or woodwork.

His tessellations and his works of infinity.

Like all the exhibits in ASM, there are stuff you can interact with.

We spent, I don’t know?! At least fifteen minutes trying to compose a song at this station with the musical box thingy.

Nonetheless, Escher’s World is really, really super trippy.

One man and all that artwork.

How did he measure, how did he even imagine before putting down his pencil and drawing and then getting them carved out?

You can journey into his world but that tenacity of trying to get the exact patterns and just ugh.

If he can do it, can we?

Can we do something that we will just grip on and excel in?

Anyway, all the exhibits we visited at the ASM was inspiring. Do stop and think as you go about the exhibits of what the message they were trying to convey. And oh! Even better if you get to catch a guided tour. More info at the ASM website including ticket prices and exhibits!

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