Unchained in Changi!!

It was empty on the roads on evening of the 27th of January since a lot of people were at home or somewhere having their reunion dinners.

Meanwhile, I was watching a Singapore Pro Wrestling event: UNCHAINED IN CHANGI!!

Don’t be scared if you ever get an invite to go to one, the audience are civilized.

Noisy but civilized and it is just so much FUN.

According to the announcer, this was SPW’s 5th year! Woooh!

The crowd was pretty engaging since if you go to a typical event here, people would be ‘quiet’.

First event was an 11 man match and it was pretty funny.

You see everyone’s moves and everyone going oh no oh no because the Destroyer Dharma was tough.

In the end as you can see, they did team work to get him out of the match.

The winner of the 11 man match (like a rumble) was the Power Warrior.

I laughed so much because HE CHEATED.


But ok, NGL I would support him.


There were many other matches (tag team of Black Arrow & Mighty Mighty versus Bad Company versus an Australian team I forgot the name! Sorry dudes.) but I was most amused with Dr Gore (from Old Changi Hospital) versus Vertigo (from some internet cyberspace).

I couldn’t really hear where Vertigo was from because I was more OOoooh that he had minions.

Minions who would help him out. I was amazed at how these Digital Slaves would look serious for the whole match. HOW, HOW.

I would laugh a lot but they were in step with each other as they stopped Dr Gore from reaching Vertigo.


Dr Gore vs Vertigo (with his Digital Slaves). Yes, that’s a keyboard. #singaporeprowrestling #spw #sgprowrestling

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Basically it was a highlight for me.

Then before the last match for the championship, there was a ladies’ match and Alexis Lee lost. 🙁

I wanted her to win over the rather sexy experienced looking Russian lady. Like the whole ‘I’m young and eager and I will triumph!’ thing but nooo, experience and skill won over her.

Perhaps Alexis will win another match in the future in Singapore!

The final show for Unchained in Changi was The Statement versus Trexxus.

Trexxus won but wow, that match was full of flying, smacks, take downs and a really heartwarming ending considering it was CNY eve?

They shook on it and tadaaaa Trexxus basked in the audience’s cheering.

By the way, besides the wrestlers, the announcer, the crew at the event, the ushers, the media people and the audience, I must say I do like the referee cause his timing and reactions to everyone was the best.

If you guys get to catch a future event of SPW, just go!

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