It’s a circle? Walk and Eat

I walk a lot but in general, a random day out would happen vaguely like this. Mind you, it’s a lot of walking, eating and exploring.

I got to 76 Serangoon Road via the train and a bit of walking from Little India station to get to Komala Vilas!

It’s my favourite restaurant and heck, prime ministers have dined here too.

Here, I ordered pongal and teh tarik. If we’re doing the whole “food blogger” thing, the whole set cost me just $5.

If we’re not doing the whole “food blogger”… flogger? thing, AHHHHH pongal.


The server slides up the plate to you quickly because it’s already been made and all he has to do is scoop it along with the sambar, dhal and coconut chutney. The teh is poured into the metal cup and don’t you sip it just yet. I learned from my parents as they brought me here when I was younger, to pour it into the bigger cup and pull it.

Tarik your teh to cool it and then sip.

The restaurant was getting more crowded, probably also because of Thaipusam but it’s always been a popular one. A man sat across me, ordering his own teh and thosai since there wasn’t any enough space elsewhere.

I savoured my pongal, the creaminess of the grains and then the spiciness of the sambar as I mixed it with it.

Was there a wrong way to eat pongal? I don’t know but the way I ate it was just delicious.

I finished it and made my way to the cashier to pay. Then, I walked out.

Rochor Centre’s not too far of a walk but I was trying to figure out how to get to Orchard and there was a bus stop nearby.

Still, it was fun walking through Little India, watching the tourists go about. Fun fact, it wasn’t until some time ago, I realized that random blogs or people use my photos for their own articles?? I didn’t know that my posts were even out there. It’s the more generic photos though, of course. So I wonder if this pic of Rochor Centre will be used, HMMM.

Off to Shaw Centre but huh, there was something happening at Pacific Plaza’s Adidas.

The queue was super long and then I learned it was for Adidas’ Yeezy Boost 350 V2 so okaaaay.

That’s a lot of people.

Anyway, off to Shaw Centre! Did you know there’s a bust of Runme Shaw on the 13th floor where their offices are?

I was there to collect a Jyn Erso funko from their instagram contest for Rogue One. Yay JYN!

By that time, I wanted to eat lunch and thought I should go to The Mad Sailors at 24 Haji Lane.

So back to taking the bus again!

Spoiler alert, I overshot my bus, got myself at Millenia Walk. Took the train down to Bugis instead and then walked some more.

Behold the most hipster looking street in Singapore (Tiong Bahru pending cause not as colourful).

I knew The Mad Sailors was down Haji Lane, somewhere. 24 Haji Lane so it should just be down the street.

I found it and sat myself near the window where… people were apparently posing with the shutters.

Anyway, it’s the type of place where you order at the counter, pay and then they’ll serve you your food!

I went for their lunch special on weekdays, with the cod and iced tea ($18) but I wanted an additional mushy peas ($2) to go with it too so yesss.

Duh, I picked this spot to eat because it looked cool, like I’m an investigator or something.

After all that roundabout walking, I got to bite into this.

The fish was so flaky that I had a hard time taking this picture before it gets ‘cut’ by the fork. The batter is light and not cloying or bready.

So crisp and a good balance of it to the fish.

If you can’t tell by now, The Mad Sailors sell British food but their best dish is their fish and chips!


Take a bite of it.

But oh no, you can’t because this is just a picture.

I used the chips to dip into my mushy peas and really, it is such a good combo.

How do I describe it all.

It’s just GOOD ok?

I was going “NOOOO” as my cod flakes under my fork and knife and shoving it into my mouth because NOOOO, how dare that this is cooked so good and it is at an affordable price.

“NOOOO” because I went at a time when it wasn’t too crowded and yet knowing on weekends this place would be packed.

“NOOOOOOOO” because the service was great and I have to come back once more.

I left the place all satisfied with my meal and continued to walk to Bugis.

Le sigh.

I miss Japan so I decided to do the next best thing which was going to the catching machines to catch a toy.

Which I did after three tries, the first it just flopped, the second got caught on the hook and the third was me shaking the bulbasaur off the hook.


I like the catching machines in Japan because they’re so silly and fun!

No matter, yay for Bulbasauuuur.

With that, I spent my time walking around, sipping on bubble tea and talking to a Canadian Filipino tourist who came by to visit (and drink bubbletea, they were elderly folk) and met my friends EVENTUALLY for this…

The Chizza.


After my whole day of pongal, fish and chips, bubble tea and stuff… The Chizza was um.

It was okay.

Not too bad but not so wow either. It was actually nice if I didn’t have a day of eating really good stuff.

It’s pretty much cheese, chicken ham on chicken, tangy tomato sauce and pineapple. Have it while it’s hot and it’s good.

Have it when it’s cooled down then… You better have a microwave or an oven because, no. Just no.

And that’s how I end my day. Not with a bang but with a chizza.

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