I visited Tanglin

15 March 2017 was the first fan meet of Tanglin the series. I was invited to come and yes of course I did want to see the set!

We got a tour of the facilities in Infinite Studios where the whole set for the Tongs, Lims and Rahmans plus the cafe was at.

The entrance led us to the kitchen where we met Belle (?) the actual chef for the show and also the writers. We traversed through a small corridor where it led to various rooms for the cast to change or rest and the wardrobe.

After that we went on set!

Finally I could see the small details of the show. You can just watch Tanglin on tv or Toggle if you want to see how it looks like usually.

The director was sitting outside with the soundman and the other crew, when we arrived it was near lunch time so they were working.

Everyone had to be quiet when the cameras were rolling.

Lunch time and it was the end of the scene so we got to go into the cafe!

There’s Jae Liew making a little appearance since she didn’t have a scene when we were there but was nice enough to say hi to the fans.


I commented that this was pretty much every day’s special on the show.

Charlie Goh came by to say hi too, he managed to stick around for a bit for pictures (it was after all lunch time for them and they have such packed schedules!).

The side of the cafe you don’t see where the extra chairs are stacked up.

The Halal cert says it’s at 367 Tanglin Road. It doesn’t exist of course.

The road exists but not 367.

However, their name card says they are at 50 Jalan Saga Merah!

The road exists too but the building doesn’t exists. Either way, HMMMM we’ll never know the ‘true’ address of Tanglin Coffeehouse.

We got to taste the actual rainbow cake that’s usually served in the cafe. It’s pretty sweet with a buttery cream.

And the actual mee siam that’s always in the series!

This is the set with some actual mee siam too but it wasn’t really for eating. More for their own acting.

We moved on up the stairs where there’s another working set which was the Tong’s living quarters.

Here’s a balloon light if they needed more light into their main living room.

If you paused (on toggle) you might glimpse around the Tong’s house but upclose, I realized the set people really just spammed a lot of boxes of board games for colour.

I mean, who leaves your games with the pieces outside like that? It’s not practical but it makes the set pretty and ‘busy’ looking.

Outside their window is another ‘house’ but I don’t think there’s an actual second floor over there except for those windows and little chair.

Then we moved on to the Rahman’s house.

Will we ever see Nadiah back again from Hong Kong or KL? I don’t know where she is but she was supposedly married and never came back… ever…………..

They could have actually gotten the other characters to mention that she called them or something but no.

Norleena and Sulaiman’s room. There’s a cute teddy bear caught in the midst of running.

Ok we got to go around and this one is Melissa Lim’s room. It was the most colourful of all the sets.

But let’s face it, it’s just colourful to make it look lived in but not really cause it’s all new looking.

Anyway, the whole tour and fan meet was super fun. The writers talked and we learned fun facts about the set, how the filming was done by the people.

Was I in #autanglin or #tanglinch5? In any case I came by to eat their cake and mee siam.

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AND WE GOT TO TAKE PICTURES as if we were in Tanglin ourselves. That was the most exciting part for me. Hahahahhaah.

Anyway, since the series seems to go on forever, I was saying this. Who knows, maybe I could even have a speaking part or something.

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