Geylang Ramadan Bazaar 2017

Mostly, I keep going to the Geylang bazaar is to just hope and find that one shop ever since it closed years ago. Anatolia. I miss it and before it closed shop at Far East Plaza, they used to have a stall at the bazaar. Le sigh. If you know any of the staff or the boss, tell them that I miss their salads and the lahmacun and my friends miss the pide and kebabs too.

Anyway, since then I keep going to it just to have a glimpse, to see if I will see them return.

For now, this post is for those friends who aren’t in Singapore and want to see how the bazaar is like now.

Warning. Lots of food pictures.

Sparkly drinks are being sold. Mostly the thing that makes the sparkly is pearl powder. Looks like for HP or Mana though.

And some are named after My Little Pony…

You know this year they’re doing it for the ‘gram cause there’s little boxes for you to instagram your drink too.

There’s the usual Arabic food and Turkish kebabs too.

And thank goodness the usual Ramly burgers. However, I am going meh at the Ramly burgers nowadays because they’re using squeezy cheese instead of sliced cheese. And some of them are ‘precooking’ instead of us just waiting for it to be cooked on the spot.

It makes a different though it takes time. Maybe I’ll just ask them not to put cheese in and bring my own sliced cheese next time.

There’s less of a crowd in the clothes section but it is indeed there for people to buy.


Jewelry and also make up.

Also fidget spinners. Batman fidget spinners, Spider-man fidget spinners??

There’s also an inflatable track for kids on motorized bicycle things to race around.

Let’s go back to food now. That’s red velvet fried oreos with choco drizzle and icing sugar.

It’s very carbs and way way indulgent.

Thai milk ice cream with cornflakes at Locoloco. In fact, this year had a lot of Thai milk items throughout the bazaar.

Coyoro’s dragon breath is actually those corn stick things but frozen with liquid nitrogen with a side of chocolate dip.

It’s gimmicky but people are doing it for the instavids.

Beef cheesy fries.

Rainbow drinks and waffles and lots of rainbow desserts.

Like so. This was a pretty nice burger though.

Drinks in ‘blood packs’. This was my bandung (milk + rose syrup) by the way.

And lots of seafood grill! It was like in Bangkok or Japan, sorta.

It was delicious, the grilled scallops with mayo and more like cream.

These were four oysters for $10 and I was like yes. Yes because I like oysters. I might go again just to get oysters and lemon instead of garlic cause they heaped a ton of garlic on that.

So yeah, this year’s Ramadan Bazaar is full of hipster food. I haven’t checked out Tampines but it should have more ‘normal’ food maybe…



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