RPG Day at Cairnhill CC

It was the first RPG Day I attended on the 17th of June this year. Not sure if it was the first RPG Day in Singapore though but it was held at Cairnhill CC which was quite convenient since it was so close to Newton MRT. Entry was free and I knew there were going to be free games to play or try out and tourneys.

Aircon! So good, it was so hot outside. And hey everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the tables. The games available were various D&D campaigns, Star Wars minis and a few card games.

Star Wars Destiny!

Star Wars Armada. They’re really detailed and belonged to someone.

It’s Star Wars X-Wing minis. If you didn’t know, Singapore won the world championship in 2017.

And here’s a demo table for Dragoborne by Bushiroad.

Dragoborne is a new game to debut in August by Bushiroad. I got to try it out and it’s also dice based besides ‘casting’ creatures from your hand.

There’s a fort mechanic in this game and ambush tactics too. If you chance upon a demo, try it out.

It takes a little time to get used to the gameplay too.

And then off to Magic: the Gathering! The beginner’s tourney was hosted by Summoner’s and I totally needed a refresher on the game.

I actually had a lot of fun here because I was trying out the different colours and how the ‘new’ cards worked or rather a refresher on how some spells worked.

I might go to Summoner’s or some card shop on the next event and just try some games out too casually.

Some campaigns were on stage too and participants got waaaay excited at times.

You know what I like best is that this was a friendly event and there were mixed genders and all playing at the games.

Other ‘campaign’ games were 13th Age, Savage Worlds and much more. I didn’t want to interrupt since I came in more for the card games but it was interesting walking by and listening to what happened.

It’s not that stereotypical of nerds but it was a very chill event (except if you’re in the game and trying to win) and a good intro to learn different games.

Oh yeah, I didn’t win in the M:tG tourney but heck, I had so much fun with the beginner decks since I was playing with cards that I was unfamilliar with. Maybe I’d do a little black/green instead of doing my classic solo white deck (I call it Bleach).

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