St Patrick’s Parade and Blog Aloud – Fanboys!

Okay, there were people wondering what happened on Sunday because it rained.



That didn’t mean the parade didn’t go on though! It went on… With really soggy people.

But hey, I got to see Rozen (before it rained and when it was all sunny and humid) before the parade! She’s one of the grand marshals of the parade this year!


Yes, the 501st have special shamrock patches for events like these.

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St Patrick’s Parade! With SEJA!

Last year I was lugging camera gear at the parade. This year… Okay, I’m doing the same thing again BUT! Check out my friends from SEJA!


No, in real life their light sabres don’t glow that good due to the sunlight.

They’ll be at the parade again this year, doing their performance! The Jedi and the Sith. Pay no mind to Darth Vader and the storm troopers. Okay, you can pay them mind since they’re actually our pals from Singapore’s 501st (the largest imperial legion in South East Asia). But yeah, this year’s parade on the 15th March will have them again in the Star Wars contingent.

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Blogout 09!

Okay, so I went there and the talks were pretty interesting and woaah, people actually DO blog seriously here!

Blogout was organized by The Digital Movement and as usual for any events… I got there early.

Just in case I’d get lost, you know. I went to the free one on the 7th March and it was located at 8Q SAM. See, there’s actually ANOTHER Singapore Arts Museum and you got to figure out which one it was. Thankfully they DID say 8Q cause the other one is further behind and quite a walk from it too.


Woooh, okay so with the obvious sign, I totally found it.

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Blog Out 09 and Creative Industries Fair!



Date and time: 7 March 09, 10.30am – 5pm (at least for the free one)

Location: 8Q Singapore Arts Museum, 8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535

There’s two days. The first is for corporate types and you have to pay for the tickets while the 7th March one is FREE. I’ma be there that day to just listen to the programme, especially about the “Fire your boss! Ways you can turn your blog into a business in 2009” segment. I DO wish to know what else is in store and all that. More info at their website.

MEANWHILE! I went to the Creative Industries Fair on Saturday the 28th!

CIF logo

It was a rather cozy place…

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Events reminder!

Young Writers’ Seminar this Saturday at 10am till 6pm at the Arts House.

And HSWG #2 , on Saturday at Geek Terminal, 2pm till whenever (read that as supposed to be around 5 but we linger more until near closing time).

Amusingly, I learned that some of my friends are going to YWS which is kinda cool since I haven’t seen them going to other previous events of these sort before! So in any case, I’ll get to know what happens there while I’m at GT!

Anime Festival Asia 2008, Singapore

For a more comprehensive look about AFA, you should go read the anime/manga blogs such as Dark Mirage, Zero Hero etc since I’m just a casual passerby (in a way).


Okay, I only went to day 1 because I had a Nanowrimo write-in to hold but in any case, I went after it. This entry is me wandering around with Nerwen. Pics are kinda random cause we walked randomly.

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The Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2008


I was going to my Nanowrimo write-in when I saw this sign at the entrance of the Arts House.

Free admission.

The Singapore Teddy Bear Show.

Yeaaah, right as if I wasn’t going to go up for a look see before I started my writing.

So after dumping my bag at the cafe with the other wrimos, I decided to go up! Amusingly, the sign said no video or photography but everyone in there was doing it sooo, WHAT THE HECK EH?

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Passing by a Singapore Biennale 08 exhibit…

Note: The Singapore Biennale 2008 should end on the 16th of November. Check out their website here. 

Okay, every time I passed Raffles City, I noticed this piece of artwork on the mall.


I thought it was something about psychedelic party thingies or whatever since we were in town in a way and the colours were bright and party-ish. As if the character in the artpiece was enjoying themselves.

What I didn’t notice when I usually passed by was this…
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