SDS 3.18 – Frozen

Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy finishes it run on 16 October 2011 so you still have time to visit it before the “end of run rush” comes in. It is at the Asian Civilizations Museum which is just a short walk from City Hall MRT. Lots of museums are around in the area anyway.

I went to the exhibition on a weekday with Avarielle! Plus, since it was a weekday, there were school students on an excursion to the museum.

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SDS 3.16 – Letters to You

For the month of August, it was free entry for us to the various museums in Singapore! We went to the stamp museum. The official name is the Singapore Philatelic Museum but really, it’s easier to just say stamp museum. It’s near City Hall MRT and you can just walk within 10 minutes from the station

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SDS 3.15 – Here It Goes Again

Singapore, Toys, Games and Comics Convention aka STGCC was fun even though there was so much negativity online before it. I blame the lack of updates from the main STGCC website.

You want to tease the audience, sure but don’t tease them till the last minute. I found out some competitions or activities just a few days before the event date. Due to the lack of information, people don’t really want to pay money for what they don’t know, yeah?

Hope next year they’ll put out the info much earlier. Ignoring all the online negative bits, YAZAAA! Look below.

I have tons of pictures so it’s difficult to pick which to post here. Instead, you can have a look see of a video that Carmen Sandiego I made. And now I begin not from the start but from the middle and onwards since I wandered around before checking things out in order!

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SDS 3.13 – Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

Usually we like to observe/analyze/etc art. However when given the chance (and monies!) we like to create physical manifestations of something besides our written work.

So when I saw on the Goodman Arts Centre’s facebook that the Goodman Ceramic Studio finally opened, I checked out what workshops or stuff we could do there!

To get there, drop at Mountbatten MRT station and then walk on the bridge across the river (estuary as some of the crew might say or glorified drain) and walk to the school compound and the studio’s towards the back of it.

We emailed the staff at the studio the week before going though! Since the five of us knew what we were going to do there when looking at the list of stuff that we can do.

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SDS 3.12 – From Out of Nowhere

There was a mini exhibition at Wilkie’s Edge with some artists who are most probably going to be at STGCC too at their own booths! I went here after doing a little expedition for Nothing Less (more on that on another post this week!). It’s one of those mini events before the main Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention would be held on 20th August.

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