This was my horoscope for the day. Commando Challenge was on Sunday and my slot with Tashigi was 1pm.

I have never done an obstacle course run before, well, except for Race the Dead. Actually before this, the only runs I’ve been to was The New Paper’s Big Walks and those were walks. So for 2013, I did 2 major runs with obstacles in the second half of the year. Yaaay.

Also, since I had pretty much fun even if RtD was mostly “Stupid, stupid sand!” and this Commando Challenge was pretty much “Stupid, stupid mud!”, I signed up for next year’s Run for Your Lives Asia which I hope will not be “Stupid, stupid concrete!”.

OH AND YEAH, my friend recommended me to check out the Running Guild’s calendar so I can totally get the early bird prices for events instead of finding out in the last minute.

I am tempted to go to NTUC’s Run350 and the Venus Run because they’re just 5km. There’s also the Marina Run which I see they have a fun run where you shoot each other with water pistols too. INTERESTING.

Mostly, I’m also thinking “OOOOH, it will make for nice video footage” because heck, if I do a lot of runs next year, I can also compile with my ‘first’ few runs which is pretty much RtD and CC and then at the end of 2014, I’ll have a short POV video of me running around Singapore.

Not sure if I’m into fitness or footage.

I don’t like to run so much but I do like scenery and obstacles if there are any.

The railway station!

Anywho, here’s some pictures from Commando Challenge! It was at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. My route was just 4km and totally not the area I trekked through. Technically it was the opposite side from my adventure last time.

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Wow, so snow and so fitness

Firstly, Max and I did a Malay version of Love is an Open Door from Frozen. You can read the lyrics by him here if you want to.

It’s cause we learned that Malaysia is getting a Malay dub version of Frozen called Anna dan Permaisuri Salji. Also, they actually have “Let it Go” as “Bebaskan“.

How WILL the actual Malay version of Love is an Open Door sound like? We will be in hysterics if it actually sounds anything like our dub. For that ‘sandwich’ part in the original song we changed ours to “We finish each others’ sandwiches” to “We finish each others’ chicken” because ayam sounds closest to ayat.

Sorta selfie

Oh and I’m going to the Commando Challenge this SUNDAY! You guys can be spectators if you want. My slot is at 1pm and I’ll be going with Tash.

Now, I do training twice a week but I don’t post myself since my phone is not optimized for selfies and we work out, outdoors. Hence, there are no mirrors and the closest selfie of me working out you can get is a picture of me taking my legs there.

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Losing It

If this was one of those Upworthy headlines or Viral Nova articles, it would have started with “SHE IS THE BIGGEST LOSER BUT WHAT SHE DOES WILL MAKE YOU WEEP – So amazing” or something like that.

But no, this is a State of Sarah post so really.


Hey, yesterday I went to NLB‘s Customer Appreciation Dinner.

The food was great and wow, the libraries DO make note of those customers who contribute to the libraries whether as contributors or people who give talks there, write suggestions, role model library users etc. For each library, the staff do make note of those who come by and all.

And loooook. Besides the great food (and getting my friends to come along too), I won a pencil box at pre-event games there.

Oh yeah and this:

Online advocate award!

Not the phones, those are mine. I didn’t win those.

They are Nokia bar phones to be censor bars on it. HEH HEH, get it?

Anyway I got the Online Advocate Award by them for twittering/talking about library events and talking to their twitter/instagram accounts and also besides the cert, I got an upgrade of my library membership for a year!

And then I realized I was the greatest loser.

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Are you Singaporean?

The tents!

“Are you Singaporean?” a middle aged Chinese man asked us.

We were in queue to get our books autographed by a writer at the festival. “Uh, yes?” answered Max who actually wasn’t. And he should have proclaimed his Malaysian-ness to all instead of answering for the majority of us if we would have known what would happen next.

The man continued with, “Did you know this festival is by tax payers money?”.

I turned around, facing towards the start of the queue, my backpack towards him with the sudden need to see how many was left in line. My other friend, Raven looked into her bag as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. That left Max and Jo to face him.

Why. Why was this happening.

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State of Sarah

State of Sarah

Tune into State of Sarah, every Thursdays only on Seriously Sarah. That’s what it would sound like if this was on a TV channel.

But it’s not.

So there. You have to use your imagination for the voice over.

Unlike my Monday posts on adventures around Singapore or Extended Edition which is like an extra supplement to the Monday posts or general extra things, State of Sarah is going to be about me (GASSSSSP!).

This is a blog after all. So if you’re missing reading blogs that aren’t advertorials or lists, this is it for Thursdays, Singapore time.

State of Sarah because SoS so ahhhhhhhh help me or something.

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