And back to you!

HELLO EVERYONE! It’s February and it’s back to the usual Monday weekly posts! HO HO HO. Even though it was quiet here, we’ve I’ve been up to a lot of things and events.

We’ve been doing lomography and stuff since the new store opened at Chinatown area and held some workshops.

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Oh silly spammers!

If you haven’t noticed, I just installed a “like” button since Tiramisue commented on it. So… Yeah, there it is! Pretty easy to install.

Meanwhile, I always check my spam folder and this is pretty disappointing. The spammer there is talking about Pikachu (albeit with typoes) but alas she is in the wrong post.

She should have talked about Pikachu on the other post here where I did go to a Pokemon event.

Silly robot spammers not spamming in the correct post when they had the chance!

A brief whatever of literaryness…

I have some content that I wish to share BUT I am not writing it down yet cause aaah. It’s the last day of March. DEADLINES of some submissions so we’ll have them in April. I’ll do a quickpress post here.

What I wish to post on:

The “rules” of publishing in Singapore. (Guess what! It breaks the NORMAL rules you have in the US and stuff.)

Of some local book reviews.

Of where do these writers lurk around here.


But only in April. SEE YOU THEN.

Commercial Break.

Hello fellow readers!

I’d probably have my Sarah Does Singapore post done up tonight so it’s scheduled to post itself on Monday but just a little notice as it will get slow for this week or so. I’ve actually got a draft of episode 2 for Versus Undead but it’s been stalling because of a certain factor that has been plaguing me since late last year!


With that said, it’s under general anesthesia and I’ll post on it under my Random Encounters section or SDS. I haven’t figured which cause it’s like an adventure.

A really hurty one.

Eh, I’ll figure out which since there’s people curious on how it’s like and all too. One of the main factors is that one must have cute underwear. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS, I HAD TO FIND OUT MYSELF.

Also, in lieu of flowers/hunks/bikini babes with buckets of ice cream/etc to comfort me, you can buy Happiness at the End of the World either at Orchard Kino or via the publisher and take a picture of you with the book! (Hint: Buying online is cheaper and you get it shipped to you too but you need paypal for it.)

Minor interlude of things

Tomas the transformer

Firstly, yeah. I have no idea what is going with this. It’s a Thomas the tank engine transformer. Secondly, they typoed Thomas to Tomas. Just wanted to post that up because it’s just so weird.

ANYWAY! A minor interlude. I’ve been posting events because they’re faster than my book reviews! I got a stack load of books from the Singapore Writers Festival the other month and yes… It’s quite a lot. I’ll post them book by book in December. That’s after Nanowrimo anyway.

The stack of books include:

  • Howl
  • Biophilia Omnibus
  • Proper Care of Foxes
  • Rochee the friendly roach
  • Morris Takes a Chance

And uh, whatever books I forgot to list down but is in my stack to go through. So there! Also I’ll be premiering a new series called Tower. It’ll be pretty much a weekly online webcomic without the comic. I can’t draw that well but I can write! Heh, more info on that once I get the prologue and stuff up. What I can say is that, it’ll be a pretty fun online series…

If you’re using Google Reader and seeing spam, click this title!

OKAY, I got notified by one of my friends who uses Google Reader that my entries will look like SPAM if you’re using it.


Click the the thumbnail to see. So anyway, this is a NEW issue that came up with WordPress/Google Reader.

Apparently it just happened a week ago in my search to see if anyone else had it with their RSS feed being hijacked or something.

The spam doesn’t show if you’re using anything ELSE besides Google Reader. Heck if you check the exact address of my blog feed: , it doesn’t show.

At the moment, since this is new, I can’t fix it since I’m not some major hacker person or whatever. So I hope you guys who’re using RSS feeds to check my posts will understand and not use GR or instead click the main post to see it since I TOTALLY am not talking about viagra (correct post shows up only if you click the post even if preview is spammy).

Well, okay, I MIGHT write about it since romance week starts next week but in any case, it wouldn’t be bunches of random words strung together.

Hopefully WordPress/Google might find a fix for this issue soon.

With that, I will give you a haiku.

Le sigh viagra

Stupid spammers hijack me

How wonderful not 

Meanwhile, a little prelude… Plus Script Frenzy

There’s posties for May but I’ll actually post them when it’s May (duh). For now, what have I been doing?

Hohoho! I’ve been on production! A sci-fi based… Okay, it’s actually a Jedi/Sith music video of sorts. You can read them here:

Production Day 1

Production Day 2

And a really work in progress preview trailer since people have been curious what we had been doing. Sheesh, people! Be patient! We didn’t even get the time to have the special effects composited and all yet! Effects will be overseen by 4Dpencil and yes, I know you’re probably going what the heck at the techno music. That’s not the real music for the final piece.

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