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Thursday May 25th 2017



Civil War… MBS Style

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The Set Up

I would like to state that Les Miserables is going to be held at the Esplanade theatres… So.


This is one of the worst red (blue) carpet events I’ve ever attended. Like what the HECK?

The TL;DR of this is: MBS, you messed up the blue carpet. I hope you won’t mess up any more future ones.

And now we begin, after the read more cut on how much you messed up if you need actual pointers on how to fix it.

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The Huntsman Winter War

The Huntsman Winterwar

So I watched The Huntsman Winter’s War when 3 of the stars came by to Singapore. I won passes from Resorts World Sentosa (you should like their facebook, they have contests at times!) and got to watch it before it premiered everywhere here.

So yessss.

Also here’s going to be a non-spoilerific review. I LIKED IT. Some didn’t but I DID.

Plus, there’s one scene that is obviously cut in the middle of smooching.

This movie is a pre-sequel. Ignore the trailers, it is the before AND after of Snow White and the Huntsman.

What I liked about the movie is that:

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Pull it

Pulled beef fries with cheese

I just wanted to talk about this pulled beef fries with cheese I ate at Wilder. It’s under the ‘sides’ in the menu if you ever decide to visit them.

My crew and I just wanted to go there for the desserts but we did skip lunch somewhat just to eat dinner, so there. We ordered our mains which was pretty delicious and pretty much choped the tarts that was left that night.

However, this pulled beef fries and cheese.

This is not meant to be shared.

It’s meant to be hoarded by one or you could buy the pulled beef with the mashed cauliflower and vege instead because wow.

As Max said. This is like a Halal version of what char siew is.

The caramelization.

The softness.

The generous pile of beef under that baked cheese.

Oh no, oh no.

And there were four of us there.

It was gone.

Just gone.

Good bye.

No more.

And then our mains came so all was well.

Kick off your cosplay journey with Lazada voucher codes and ShopBack

Hellooo everyone!

I have been invited to try and review ShopBack!


It’s new to me and I went ooh because Shopback shows you the best deals and promotions online so it’s kinda like DISCOUNTSS for places you might be shopping online for.

Really, I usually google “discount code for X shop” and then try all the codes of whatever I find and then go boohiss because I can’t find any for the ‘local’ online stores here when it’s not sale season but they seem to have them!

Throw Monies
OR if not discounts, how about getting your cashback?

You can find out more on ShopBack’s faq but the tl;dr version is you get cash back after you paid the full price of the thing you wanted. You can then cash it out into your bank account once you hit the minimum of $10 of cashback in your ShopBack account.

It shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve ever done an Aunty thing and used specific cards at specific stores to buy things full price and get cashback because you used the card.

So this time! You can actually get cash back by buying stuff on the online stores and going through this. HAH!

Anyway, you can save with Lazada coupons, that’s where I got my medikit, tactical pens and stuff you can use for props or gear.

Doll yourself up with Sephora vouchers because I can’t be hecked to go to the actual store when I’m too busy in real life.

Or go on an affordable staycation with Agoda discount codes.


If not staycation, vacation is also ok because there’s going to be an upcoming Comic Art Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 28 and 29 May. SO HMMM, anyone wants to go for that?

Also, since we’re all online now, you can also find the best promotions and offers on gadgets and cameras at the IT Show 2016 without actually going to Suntec this year.

And since it is going to be cosplay season soon.


Did you know…


Bye friends, byeeeeeee. If you don’t want your cashback, come. I help buy for you your thing and then get money back for it. Thanks, thanksss!

Ps. If you want to use Taobao they actually have a series of web videos officially saying how to use it. Watch below!


The war memorial

I went to Leap Day geocaching event in Singapore on 29 February 2016 (Duh). The coordinates were pretty much obvious and there were instructions on where to find them.

Since I was in the area, I took a more scenic route and went past the Civilian War Memorial.

If you guys noticed, if you went via underground routes, it feels so much longer to get to the other buildings?

You’re right.

I read/watched a report on tv once when they had descendants or families of those buried(??) there who got to check the place out. I mean, it’s special access only for some memorial anniversary or something but tl;dr what I remembered is that there’s a cemetery underneath that they don’t want to disturb because it’s the war memorial’s.

Nifty huh?

Also they probably don’t want to scare people and tourists about it.

Now, back to geocaching.

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Congrats to Duck Vaders and Spatium!

Rock it

The results are out but I just wanted to still congratulate both my teams Duck Vaders and Spatium.

There was a performance before the results by QuickPick.

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What you missed

In the words of Twitter, here’s what you missed.

Spin it!

YEAH!!! Congratulations to both my teams for making it to the top 10, Duck Vaders and Spatium.

Spatium got the 2nd Runner Up this year!

Hmmmmmm. Is it me or no matter if I pick or teams pick me to be their ambassador… at least one will be in the top 3? HMMMM.

Thanks to all those who voted for them too. Yay!

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Singapore to Malaysia Train Ride

A train!

In other words, CHOO CHOOO!! So I did get to Malaysia via train with tips from my friend Avarielle.

Of course I did read the Man from Seat 61 but Avarielle pretty much went to Malaysia often for stargazing via train that it was just easier to follow her tips for those in Singapore to get to the station and what to do there.

It all started when I went to Comic Fiesta last year and uh long story short, we got a calendar from Tony Roma’s Malaysia and that calendar has a coupon for each month. January was 15% off ribs.

I said to myself “Well, darn it. I want to use this coupon, what’s the closest TR in Malaysia from Singapore?”.

And then I googled and saw… Komtar JBCC.

And realized the TRAIN STATION was just across it.

Well, that was it. We’re going on a train ride.

This is how you take the train from Singapore to Malaysia, Johor.

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Time to vote on NEMATION!

It is time!

It’s time to vote on N.E.mation!!

How to vote:

1. Select the checkboxes of 3 of your favourite clips on

2. Fill in your particulars.

3. Click ‘submit your vote’ and stand to win prizes! (Ipads!)

4. Voting is from 24 January to 14 February 2016.

WHO SHOULD YOU VOTE? VOTE FOR MY TEAMS In The Forces We Trust by Duck Vaders and The Big Puzzle by Spatium



SEEEEeeeee. Nice right? Anyway, there are 4 ways to vote too instead of just voting one way. You can vote for THREE teams so choose Duck Vaders and Spatium and one last one ok?


1) Website at
2) By mobile website, just go to on your phone.
3) On the facebook!
4) Or even SMS! Send it in the format: NE10 <space> WEB <space> C5, C9, C6 <space> NRIC <space> Full name to 76677

C5 is Duck Vaders and C9 is Spatium, the last C can be any other team.

Anywho, there was the picnic last week, while you guys might not have been there, it was quite a lively event.

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The year is 2016

And I need you guys to help me achieve some things.

Firstly, I’ll say what’s going to happen and which ones would be the ones for youuuuuu to help me out!

  1. N.E.mation voting starts on 24 January to 14 February. I hope you guys will vote for my teams, Duck Vader and Spatium! You might win a thing yourself if you vote too!
  2. 14 February is Valentine’s Day. WATCH OUT as I state the exact time and date for a valentine’s day telemovie on Vasantham. This one is gonna be musically cool and FEELS. SO MUCH FEELS. AND MUSIC OK? So please watch this telemovie even if you’re anti-valentine’s day or what it’s gonna be NICEEEE.
  3. The weekend of Labour Day. Maybe it might be 30th April or 1 May because it’s a long weekend for then… We possibly might have the SECOND #nipplesg (Nothing In Particular People of Singapore) pending if we can get the location booked. If you’ve been to the first #nipplesg , we hope we can have a bigger #nipplesg of food, art, random talkings and book readings. Yes. We actually had a book reading and it was so lol. If this is a go, we’d need your help in sodas and food. BEST if can get sponsorship by Dodo or Handwerker. Hahahah we loved the fishballs and sausages the other time. Possible activities at this new location: Popiah/Taco party styled. And also actual fridge for ice cream. (Guest list: subjected to me and the main crew because it is STILL a limited space anyway)

That’s for the first half of the year you guys can help out with. Mostly just voting and enjoying yourselves, huh?

Ok, this is what I want to do.

  1. Train ride. I don’t know why it’s one of those suddenly I have to do it because. A train trip to KL or Penang? Penang would be nice, I’d have to take a ferry from Butterworth. Hotels in Penang, feel free to sponsor me a room and I’ll blog about it. /Jedi hands. Or if once I know how to do those, maybe a train ride to Bangkok?? (Go home probably via plane though because Changi airport is so much closer than Woodlands to me.)
  2. Comic Fiesta 2016. I don’t know where it is this year but it is a thing to do to check out and meet friends in Malaysia.
  3. 7 May !! I go for Spartan Super. You can still register for it.
  4. Be fit by end of February. Then be super fit by May for this. I like food but this means I also have to balance it out with exercising too.

Considering this is my blog, I can just post up my progress here for my own archival anyway. HELP ME GET FIT, YOU GUYSSS.

Places I have yet to go in Singapore:

  1. Amped – Trampoline park
  2. Climb Asia (once more)
  3. USE MY ACTIVE SG credits before year ends so see what fitness things can be paid with this.

This is just the first half-ish of the year. And not everything I want to do so, we’ll see as we strike it one by one. Ok, except for CF, that’s at the end of the year.

But yeah.


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