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Saturday November 25th 2017



Soaring high like a DinoSoar

It’s the team from DinoSaur and they are promoting their team facebook here:

Coming from Kent Ridge Secondary School, Putri, Jihan, Iqmal and Farihah are the only full Malay team in N.E.mation! 11.

The day I visited them in week two, they already had at least 13 crashes on their systems with their extensive work.

Not many of their friends know they made it into N.E.mation! 11 so please support them, th

They have a little kit of medicine since they had been having colds and aches.

So far from what I see, they’re ok lor in their timeline.

Their animation is fully 2d so crashes withstanding, they’re getting there with rotoscoping and then colouring.

How do they rotoscope?

They get a reference video of the actions they want in the animation, “trace” over it and then they have to colour and make their own backgrounds too.

And they are pretty cool on instagram. You can see they’ve made friends or played games with the other teams too.

Follow their instagram! They really need more followers, just help them with a click here:

Or read their blog when they’ve managed to get their posts through:


Nothing is Impossibro!

The Impossibro or impossibros are from CHIJ ST Nicholas Girls’ School consisting of Jolene, Pearlyn, Renee and Megan.

They’re also possibly memelords.


Nonetheless, they are ok to me too.

Finger guns

And while they like to fingergun at stuff and say their tagline “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBRO”, production has been quite tiring for them!

Pages to rip

Their animation is a mixed media of 2d and stop motion.

Most of the bits are stop motion in which they had to redo some parts because half way the light changed or that their paper moved position.

What are they doing?

They’re doing scenes where they ‘tear off’ the first layer to reveal the bottom layer and stuff happens.

BUT the challenge they face is when the camera somehow moves position(?!) or when the light suddenly dims or brightens… At times.

They’re still going to work hard but they’ve made friends with their neighbours too in the bits of time when they have breaks.

I think you’ll think “What the heeck” once you see their final product since this one takes a lot of accuracy work to try to make it look smooth.

Remember, stop motion is when they have to do it frame by frame manually.

Follow their instagram:

Also read their blog for more behind the scenes here:

They do have a twitter here too since they’re learning social media:

What tree? Cedar3 !


A video posted by cedar3 #ne11c02 (@_cedar3) on

The full Cedar3 team! I managed to finally see all of them at the same time in this picture on their instagram.

Yay, excitement

When I visited them in week 2, I only saw 3 of them BUT A DIFFERENT 3 from when I visited in week one.

Their story
Consisting of 4 girls from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Lua Tze Teng Tanya, Kaila Boh Tsui Ning, Chai Gien Lyn, Kayla Yong Enxin have been working on a mixed media animation called The Singaporean Blood In Us.

So scary

Instead of just having to animate on 2d, they had to draw using water colour.

This was their ‘stage’ with a syringe and… and red??

So much red!

9 bottles of red.

Apparently they are two types of red for two different scenes and this particular colour is now sold out in Singapore for now.


They swiped all the red for this brand for their animation.


The girls have also been ‘overtiming’ by staying back until 8.30pm every day to get their scenes done.

It’s not enough they had to do the physical mixed media of red watercolour on paper, they have to animate it on their computers too.


They’re so hardworking though.

And once you see their finished production, you’ll know why it took a lot of time.

For one thing, the part where they had to do their watercolouring took a lot of tries to get it right.

One fun fact about their mini tent where they’re doing production is that they think it smells like a hospital because they have panadol, tiger balm and all that on their tables.

Apparently their shoulders and wrists ache a lot from all their bending over their computers and animating.

Hang in there girls!!

our new blog post is up !! check it out to find out what we’ve done in the past week 🙂 link in bio #ne11c02

A photo posted by cedar3 #ne11c02 (@_cedar3) on

Even with all their work, they’ve been quite active on their social media!

Follow their instagram at:

Or read their blog at:

They can be lolarious so please check them out.

The time of this posting is their third week, I hope they’re all okay since they need to finish everything by Friday!

The Christmas Coup!

The Christmas Coup!

It is the Winter Solstice, and naughty elves have spirited Santa Claus away. Without him to spread the Christmas cheer, winter will never end, and spring will never come. The clock is ticking. Can you find him before the day is over, or will the world be locked in darkness forever?

It’s an escape game run by The Guild in conjunction with *SCAPE’s Naughty Or Nice fair from 9-11 December.

In these three days, the sessions for the game runs at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Starting location: *SCAPE Carpark and Playpace, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

You can get tickets at

BUT WAIT, scroll down and read the rest of this post (I have discount codes for you) to know more about the game.

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Geekstrux! Trucking their way to success…?

Geekstrux! They’re one of my quietest/shyest groups for N.E.mation! 11 So I wanted you guys to know about them first.

Their schedule

This was their schedule but right now they’ve been there in production, doing their work in over time because they’re a bit behind schedule.

A photo posted by Geekstrux (@geekstrux) on

I believe they will complete it by the end of three weeks though!

Check it out

Consisting of four members from Crescent Girls’ School… Maelynn, Wan Ting, Chloe and Harinika, they’re the first in the competition to use CrazyTalk Animator 3.

And yes that means all their animation is 2d and illustrator by them.

Week one was them doing the assets for the characters and week two was to animate the scenes. AND WEEK 3 TO FINISH EVERYTHING UP! AHHHHH.

In the darkness

And is really is like this.

In the darkness, they concentrate on animating their scenes bit by bit. Each member having their own parts to play.

In their quietness though, they’ve made friends from other teams.

You should check their instagram: (PLEASE FOLLOW!!)

It has a lot of snacks they received from other groups. Anyway, I’ll catch up with them in week 3 to see how their production goes. For everyone else, I’m not showing exactly what they’re doing yet but I will say their art style is very cute.

Don’t forget to follow Geekstrux on their instagram! They need your support.

Well all my teams do but YEAH COME, go click follow on their instagram first. Is ok. Just go click.

The new teams of NE.Mation! 11 My Teams.

Hey everyone, it’s a new format this year and I’m the ambassador for 5 teams! Well co-ambassador? This time all 10 teams will have two ambassadors to spread more info about them!

Anyway, let me give you a brief intro of each of the teams I’ll be ambassadoring(?) for this round of N.E.mation! So you’ll know at least a bit more of them before I showcase about the teams individually for this period of three (well, this post is week 2 of 3 for them).

In no particular order…

IMPOSSIBRO (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School)


I asked why is their team called Impossibro and they told me it was a meme.

“What bro”
“tell the whole world that we’re bros”
*whispers* “we’re bros”
“why’d you whisper bro?”
“because you’re my whole world bro”
“b r o”

2d stuff!

Anyway, they’re planning to do something with 2d but with also paper. So it’s kind of a mixed media? YOU SHALL SEE.

Follow their instagram here: Impossibro

Geekstrux (Crescent Girls’ School)


Why Geekstrux… They wanted to drive a truck on the road to success and to make it cooler they added an ‘x’. So uh, GEEKSTRUX IT IS.

Assets for their stuff

They are doing it fully in 2d and thus they all have to draw their assets first before animating it all. Don’t forget to press save, girls!

Also, when I visited them, they were really shy and their instructor told me once in that week, they were really quiet and were eating snacks…around the bin because they didn’t want crumbs on the carpeted floor. So sweet!

Anyway, follow them on instagram here: Geekstrux

Doughnuts & Donuts (Cedar Girls’ Secondary School)

Doughnuts and Donuts

Plainly. Their name is because… they were hungry. Really, that’s it. If they would have gotten in the top 100, one of their members would have bought a box of donuts from them.

They haven’t… until this day.


Well, they brought OTHER food but not donuts yet! Also, do you guys spell it as doughnuts or donuts?

I like to spell it as donuts.

As for their production, it’s going to be 2d based too!

Something about snake and ladders. HMMMM.

Look see their instagram here: Doughnutsandonuts

Dinosoar (Kent Ridge Secondary School)


Dinosoar is because they forgot their password for Dying Giraffe (they watched a nature programme about giraffes) and well, dinosaurs are cool. Interesting fact, they’re the only fully Malay team in the top 10 and not many of their schoolmates even know they got through yet!

Like a surprise for the school, maybe?


Not gonna show you what they’re doing yet but do know they are going fully 2d for this. Rotoscoping (a technique to trace) for some parts but this is going to be all animated on the computer.

Come give your support and like their instagram here: Dinosoar

Cedar3 (Cedar Girls’ Secondary School)


Lastly but not least, hehehe we have Cedar3!

This is their second time for some of them to get to the top 10.

They are dead inside look.

They told me this is their dead inside look. It’s going to be tough as they are one classmate short and then it will be a tag team as one of them has to go on holiday with parents too. BUT THEY WILL MAKE IT.

What is their technique for their production? It’s going to be a stop motion thing but I can’t really describe it that well because it has watercolour and a lot of timing too.

We’ll see… we’ll see.

Come like follow their instagram here: Cedar3

The Teams

  1. Impossibro
  2. Geekstrux
  3. Doughnuts & Donuts
  4. Dinosoar
  5. Cedar3

These are the five teams to look out for and for you to come support them!

Seriously Sarah’s Official Response to Kelly’s Apology

This post is about this:

and the eventual ‘apology’ here:

Dear Kelly,

I sincerely apologise if my response to your apology will come across harsh and… No. I’m actually not apologizing at all.

My response takes into consideration of many of the commenters and the people who actually buy the magazine so that they will not engage in such risky behavior such as writing letters to you and this is also aimed at warning my readers the consequences they face should they engage in asking advice from a magazine.

Throughout my response, I am blaming you. You are not naive. Your apology is not for you to give your own reasons or excuses that your focus was for her and the reasons to learn that certain actions have consequences.

You were focusing more on your own reasons rather than actually apologizing and stating why your article was detrimental.

You wanted everyone to know the ‘danger of sending the wrong signals’ while you were giving plenty yourself.

I know you are a total innocent. Yet I can’t help wonder how a poly student could be so naive? … Frankly, I understand why the guy misunderstood your acceptance of the invitation.

There. That is not helpful at all since you are deemed as siding with the guy when all she wanted was your help and support.

Sure, you have no intention of ‘victim blaming’ as stated in your apology but this is now an attempt to point out one’s actions have consequences and the sad fact, for you that everyone is commenting at, is that you are terribly out of touch.

No one can be more sorry now for this girl than all of us who have read your advice. If you are the girl who wrote the letter, please ignore her advice and know that we support you and there is a helpline at AWARE or even by email which you can find out more here.

If you genuinely care for your readers and truly, if you have built a warm caring relationship, I hope you would never downplay the seriousness of your own actions to have negative consequences.

We don’t care about your disclaimer about condoning pre-marital sex or not. We care about you giving actual helpful advice.

You are only gravely sorry that this response has garnered a negative response. And you apologized if your response has upset readers while hoping after your explanation that we would understand where you are coming from. No. We did not want to understand where you are coming from, we wanted an apology or at least an apology to the girl WHY your advice was bad which you clearly did not do at all.

Your whole apology was just a bunch of reasons trying to show how caring you are without actually caring. There is a difference.

And if your bio is true, with counselling primary and secondary school students since the 1970s. I think you’re due for a refresher course. Because you’re terribly out of date with your advising or counselling techniques.

Seriously Sarah

After never qualifying as a teacher or not even wanting to be one, Sarah never attended any counselling workshops but she darn heck knows what the heck is bad advice. Over the past 20 years, she has been invited to eat dinner with friends and gives talks to random people at conventions. She also engages in Overwatch gaming. In the 1980s, she was born in one of those years and was a baby. Since 1996, she learned how to read.

Comics and Art!

A Saturday of comics and art as I hit up GnB’s for Halloween Free Comics and Illustration Arts Fest at La Salle.

A first for both of them!

GnB at Kitchener Complex!

It was the first Halloween at GnB’s new location at Kitchener Complex ever since they had to move due to Rochor Centre getting demolished.

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Nihongostan : The Prologue

Ohayo #Osaka. Ibis Styles’ view from the top. #nihongostan #japan

A photo posted by Seriously Sarah (@sarahcoldheart) on

The school holidays in September was when we escaped Singapore to go to Japan.

Never would have we known we would be spoiled by the experience and wish to revisit it again.

We wanted to go back.

This is Nihongostan.

The Game had Started

Overwatch cosplayers

GameStart 2016 was at Suntec and well, at least from my own knowledge, no hijinks occurred involving any random aunties this year at this location.

Also, you probably could called GameStart as Overwatch Convention since yessssss. OW EVERYWHERE.


Because I’m biased, here’s a solo shot (hah!) of Ana.

Ok, OW everywhere and Mystic Messenger too but I don’t play MM.

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