Book trailers…

Sooo, this is the land of the internets. I’m kinda amused cause more and more books are getting trailers. I mean some are by fans and some are official ones done by the author’s or their companies.

I was checking out some and I went “OH MEIN GOTT” at this one. And, why yes, it is a romance book.

In any case, in the future, I DO have plans to have my own book trailer too somehow. Heh.


I’m editing my story… In the meantime, no local books that I wanna read are out yet.

Well, okay maybe not.

I probably need to hit Times bookstore or something because the closest Popular I am at has a sad selection of local books.

With that said, their fiction range isn’t that hot either but meeeeh it’s understandable since Popular = Textbook land.

Neeeeeeed to continue my editing, darn it.

The Happy Smiley Writers Group

Hohoho, those who came from Nanowrimo should know what this is. I’ll be updating it under the tag happysmileygroup. Of course there’s a reason why we’re calling it that but if you wanna know, you’ll have to attend it.

Anywho for those who know of it, 3rd Saturday of every month at Geek Terminal around 2pm. Bring your nanovels and we’ll get set to edit and whatever them. Literary talk and stuff included but yesss.

So there we go. More info to be posted on it at Singapore Novelists when we’ve got confirmed details.

Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O. Calica


Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O. Calica.

FINALLY after all my events I have time to review it. Yesss… you know in one sentence how to describe it? ABSOLUTELY FUNNY. Okay, that’s two words and not a sentence but whatever… It’s truly chic lit set around here-ish!

Why “here-ish”? Well, it’s obviously a tai-tai story. One can always jet set and sail away to other islands besides Singapore, non?

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Anime Festival Asia 2008, Singapore

For a more comprehensive look about AFA, you should go read the anime/manga blogs such as Dark Mirage, Zero Hero etc since I’m just a casual passerby (in a way).


Okay, I only went to day 1 because I had a Nanowrimo write-in to hold but in any case, I went after it. This entry is me wandering around with Nerwen. Pics are kinda random cause we walked randomly.

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Teaser post – Maya O. Calica’s Undercover Tai Tai

Next book to be reviewed…


Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O. Calica

AN ACTUAL CHIC LIT BOOK WRITTEN HERE!!! Le gasp indeed. I’ll read it the day after… Since I got a Kylie Minogue concert to attend to, wooh!

EDIT 24 Feb 09:

Just noticed this page was linked to via the Asian Chic webby! For new readers, the actual review is here since this was the teaser post.

The Singapore Teddy Bear Show 2008


I was going to my Nanowrimo write-in when I saw this sign at the entrance of the Arts House.

Free admission.

The Singapore Teddy Bear Show.

Yeaaah, right as if I wasn’t going to go up for a look see before I started my writing.

So after dumping my bag at the cafe with the other wrimos, I decided to go up! Amusingly, the sign said no video or photography but everyone in there was doing it sooo, WHAT THE HECK EH?

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Passing by a Singapore Biennale 08 exhibit…

Note: The Singapore Biennale 2008 should end on the 16th of November. Check out their website here

Okay, every time I passed Raffles City, I noticed this piece of artwork on the mall.


I thought it was something about psychedelic party thingies or whatever since we were in town in a way and the colours were bright and party-ish. As if the character in the artpiece was enjoying themselves.

What I didn’t notice when I usually passed by was this…
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