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Friday September 22nd 2017



Renaissance Romance Writing Competition!!

Renaissance writing comp

Their website is at , check it out and enter! Well, as long as you’re under 25. I know I am… I wonder if I should join.

Saving Uranus now on Youtube!


Click here or just watch below!

A luuurve attack!

So, I was waiting at the pickup point for my latest purchase that I bought on ebay and… OOH. What is this in front of the 7-11?


Like anyone could resist THAT!

Okay, anyone who isn’t me probably could… With that, I IGNORED that it was obviously May and not February and stuck a dollar coin in.


Hence, let’s see what’s in the ball eh?


Ooooooooooooooh… Can you ever get overboard with roses? This package does not think so. Let’s turn it around, shall we?


Truly, the instructions are a bit suspicious. Here’s a close up for you to read.


1) Break the water bag inside the gift with both hands completely.
2) Shake the gift a few seconds, then throw it away.
3) Wait for a few seconds, you will get a surprise gift.

Frankly, I was freaked out with number 2 so I decided to do it near a sink just in case. It DID feel like a bomb bag to me (those things are very fun to toss by the way) and there’s nothing romantic about being exploded with soda water.

So press it and toss it away, I did.



And I didn’t even get exploded too! A heart popped out of the plastic!


I HEART (with a rose) YOU!


So in the end… it’s actually now in a plastic bag in my cupboard just in case it does explode unexpectedly…


Saving Uranus reviews!

Yay! A brief mention on  and one full review from Sindie. Just click on the names to view them. A new window will pop out.

Meanwhile, the youtube version isn’t out yet since our team leader’s connection is being sad. 🙁

So you’ll have to just settle for the reviews in the meantime, heh.

Get Mentored!

I got this in my email today. You writer/artsy types, go apply!

The Mentor Access Project (MAP), organised by National Arts Council,
is now open for applications for its sixth intake starting in July
2008. MAP is an 18-month mentorship programme to ensure the sustained
development of emerging writers by providing them with mentorship
opportunities and ongoing critical feedback.

Apart from having the privilege of being tutored by an established
writer/playwright, participants will enjoy opportunities for peer
interaction and to foster stronger connections with the Singapore
literary scene.

Selected applicants can also participate in Masterclass Talks and
workshops conducted by established writers, public readings, as well
as discussion forums and talks covering the business of publishing,
such as copyrights and literary representations (agents).

The New Book Initiative enables promising original works submitted by
MAP participants to be considered for book publication, in conjunction
with NAC’s Publishing and Translation Grant. This is on top of
enjoying publishing opportunities in an online literary journal to be
produced by MAP at the end of the mentorship period.

MAP is managed by mediaexodus whose team members include Yong Shu
Hoong, a published poet and Singapore Literature Prize 2006 winner,
and Enoch Ng, General Manager of mediaexodus (and its imprint,
firstfruits publications), a Golden Point Award first-prize winner.

Applications are open to Singaporean citizens or permanent residents,
aged 18 years and above, writing in the field of poetry, prose or
drama in any of the four official languages. The deadline for
application is May 31, 2008, and application forms can be downloaded

Radical Comics – Caliber, Hercules and… Oblivion?!


Okay, I got to go to Free Comic Day on 3rd of May, so yes amongst my free comics, I decided to buy Radical‘s new comics of Hercules and Caliber. It cost me $1US each since it was their first issues EVAAAAH. Also, I got my free comic book day by Radical too. A preview of their upcoming stories.


Included inside were artwork from their upcoming titles like Aladdin and Freedom Formula too. Truthfully, I got to see most of the artwork during Barry Levine’s Comics to Film seminar but now I have it printed form so YES!!

The thing that made me gasp was this though:


Firstly, yeah right, as if I’m going to squish my book onto the scanner and flatten it. Secondly, ACK!!??? WHAT IS THIS? Okay, I admit, it made me go ack cause Kai was my coursemate back in polytechnic.

Well technically it’s not THAT surprising considering he’s part of the upper people of Imaginary Friends Studio, so that’s duh.

What’s surprising is that this is like OUT OF NOWHERE. I haven’t SEEN or heard anything of this new title until this preview ad in their book. So he has his “own” comic coming soon. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ;_;

But that’s okay… One day I’ll have my own comic too since I’ll keep working on it and see if they’d accept my story proposals. ANYWAY, back to THEIR comics.


This ain’t your Kevin Sorbo Hercules. This is the REAL utter gory Hercules of the Greek stories. First issue, let’s say… Even if this is the first official comic (besides Caliber) from Radical, you will know that the artwork of Radical is ALL beautiful.

The painting! ARRGH, they are all… Well, it is seriously a piece of art when you flip through the pages (I lie, I didn’t flip through the pages, I CAREFULLY turned it over one by one to not get my fingerprints on them) and look at it.

The story… Well, I’m not really sure how to explain without giving spoilers… but it REALLY is like how the unglamourous story of Hercules is. The real pain and anguish, nothing about “LALALA, I’ma son of Zeus and I’m soooo strong!”. Nah, it’s more of your classic type of the tale of Hercules. It ended with a DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUH moment of course.

Though, it makes me wonder… WHEN IS THE NEXT ISSUE GONNA BE WITH THIS HIGH QUALITY ARTWORK!? Cause seriously, I’d like to know if it’s a monthly or bimonthly thing.


Next up is Caliber. I totally like Arthurian stuff. This is a remake of King Arthur… With guns.


Rumour says that this will be picked up and turned into a movie but we’ll see if and when it happens. So far, I LIIIKESS IT.

Painted artwork like woah.

Arthurian story = A double plus.

The way it’s being told = Major awesome.

And that’s it for me… I’m keeping my issues all pretty so next time I see any of the IFS guys who did the artwork, I can get them to sign it.

Ps. For both titles, there are alternate covers.

Pps. They’re both mini series so you don’t have to go “AAGH” like certain comics with their hundreds issue storyline and all.

48 Hours screening!

Tuesday, 6 May.


And a bunch of 48 hour short films.

We were at Eng Wah, Suntec to watch our short film and see what did the other teams do.


Michael Rogers did a little intro about the whole thing, I can’t remember where Megan Shea was but I think she was somewhere in the front too.

ANYWHO! Apparently only two teams (including mine) were the only late ones amongst the whole load of them.

So ours was screened the second of the whole lot since they screened the late ones first.


Which is kinda cool since we got to see our intro and all that on the big screen.


Blur pics cause it was after all, A DARK CINEMA. In any case, Gladius Studios will upload the video on youtube soon and you guys can watch it.

Truly, it was fun to do it. Heh heh. Hopefully there’ll be more short film productions I’ll be involved in, in the future.

Saving Uranus! A 48 Hour Film Project

Oh mein Gott.

We took part in the 48 Hour Film Project in the Singapore region. We, meaning Gladius Studios.


It started at, okay, supposedly 7pm on 25th April, Friday but our official time after waiting for people and stuff is 8.30pm for submission instead. That’s Mike Rogers and Megan Shea of 48 Hour Film Project people thingy briefing us at the Arts House’s screening room.

We had to put in a prop, a line and a character… For Singapore, this is it:

Prop: Ang bao

Character: Ollie/Olivia Sparx the cellphone salesman/woman

Line: I have always wanted to do that.

And for our genre, our team got Sci-Fi.


With that, everyone scrambled out of the Arts House once all the teams got their genres and onwards ho! It took like… good grief, at least until 3am or so to get the idea of what we wanted? It was the darned ang bao that stalled us somehow. At that time, we got the story set more or less… Technically less but whatever, it got groovy the next day on Saturday.

THE Saturday of shooting.


We were doing bits of the script while waiting for the cast to arrive or preparing the area too since we were at an office.


And then we were set to go… I totally love the actors and actress since they were SO pro at this.


Or maybe it’s the fact that most of us in the crew and cast were media students and knew what to do.


But overall, they were fabulous anyway.


What I can say however is that I realized that I hate offices in high floors. Okay, actually to be more specific, I hate riding lifts that goes insane on the pressure and speed as you zoom upwards somehow. It made me go gah even until I got back home with Jer (the guys continued shooting at the office and I picked up Jer so we could do the animated scenes at my house before we headed off to headquarters to edit after all that).


Last day, Sunday… Spent the whole night/day of Saturday through Sunday to edit and animate. Unfortunately, we aren’t eligible for the judge’s prizes cause we submitted late. We figured we’re rather submit late and let it look good than semi bad and have a probability of ending up late there anyway. We’re still eligible for the audience choice awards though!


Have a preview of some stuff you’ll get to see in the short film.


Yay for Jer doing it. These are technically the three models of ships used in the intro.


OH GEE, is THAT the Singapore Flyer?

COME watch it at Eng Wah Suntec to find out!

No, really. It’ll be screened there.

And of course, the screencap above isn’t the real thing, it has more effects than those. Will post up more info until then but the screening is on May 6! Tickets info will be known soon.


It was fun!

And I have never eaten so much Mcdonalds ever since that weekend.


Here’s the short film!

To the $2 store!

Okay, so I went to Daiso yesterday to see if they had miniature furniture thingies for my Pinky St. figurines and that I just liked going there anyway. The stationary section is always niiiiiiiiice.

And okay… I admit, the toys section amuse me like heck.


Like this…



Mind you, this in the children’s toy and party section. Never mind that if this was a children’s toy… What kind of party would this be to use it?!


The instructions… have… a… perverted looking man… on it.


Fortunately (or UNFORTUNATELY?!) I found a loose pack near it too that wasn’t in a box.


I can’t open it due to duh, me not buying it but… I CANNOT SEE HOW YOU CAN INFLATE THIS THING.

And… It’s supposed to be attached to some velcro thing?! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS IS GOING TO WORK IF YOU ARE NOT A PERVERTED GUY, SERIOUSLY.


If you guys ever buy it to try it out… Please post pics so we can know how it works?!

Ps. If you guys ever ask me to pet your swan I will smack you with my banana holder.

Tisch Asia Open House!

On the 20th of March 2008, Tisch Asia had its first ever open house for prospective students.

Naturally, I went there because Tisch, oh TIIIIIIIIIISCH, I wantsss you… I’m swayed by either the Dramatic Writing or Film Production master degree but then I’m not rich girl… So… le sigh.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to just at least go to the open house and bask in it if I’m unable to do the degree in the future..


Firstly, I knew where the school was since I had worked at the location before the school moved… It’s technically a place where schools move into before their buildings are done at whatever location it is. Anywho… I went with a few friends and even though I DID know the location, finding the school is like an Amazing Race.


That’s the view when you turn back from the road… the main school is pretty deep inside… And after trudging up a hill and passing by a park, we finally get to see the school!

Tisch sign

Or at least the sign. Trust me, there’s still a LOT of walking to do. After handing our particulars to the nice security guard, we walked… UP again, towards the school.

Tisch School

Coincidentally, the path seemed a bit dejavu-ish to me. I actually had a dream where there was a path like that before and a building, only it didn’t have the painted words on it anyway.

open house sign

The newspapers had previously written about Tisch Asia being very discreet… I didn’t know how discreet until I went there that day. The signs weren’t even that big on the open house and those who were REALLY interested in Tisch got to know about it. It’s like… “If you want it, you must seek for the mystical source of blablabla!”.

We got a tour of the school and it is seriously awesome.

Tisch stage 1

It seems like this might definitely be the permanent location as the stages are being built along with the sets.

Tisch kitchen

The had a green screen room too and various screening rooms and stuff. And ooh! OOH!

Tisch sandbag

SANDBAGS!!! I mean, yeah sure, I’ve seen sandbags and used them before in productions and all but LE FREAKING GASP. These were so cute and they were NYU LABELLED ON THEM. You can never mistake a common sandbag for a sandbag of Tisch now.

Tisch corridors

As it is still under construction, the place looks pretty spartan for now. Nonetheless, the walls are decorated with movie posters, some autographed, some not but all of them are movies done by the alumni of the school.

Anywho, the whole tour was informative and it makes me want to take their courses and stuff. At the moment, it looks like I can afford the summer courses at the very least. Okay… not really, I can only afford it next year or something since my monies are going to my studies for my bachelor at the moment.

Check out their summer courses if you can’t afford the degree or don’t have the time to take it! Only, you know… We don’t have summer since it’s summer all year round here. The courses are during May till August for those who don’t know when “summer” is.

Fun fact, FILM STOCK and PROCESSING is free when you do so!!!! Email them for more info or anything like that, I’m sure they’d be willing to answer about the courses.

And if you guys are lucky enough to be qualified under the media schemes by the Media Development Authority, try and check them out as you apply for the courses. You might get reimbursed or have your fees cut in half.

If you’re interested in film making and screen writing, this is definitely the place for you.

Tisch road night

Just don’t be afraid of the dark… It can get creepy then.

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