About Me

It’s totally Sarah with none of the icky seriousness bits!

Email: sarah @ seriouslysarah.com

Apparently people wonder who am I and that’s probably why you’re reading this page.

I’m seriously Sarah – a writer, comic reader, cosplayer and a person who’s totally into geekery and adventures.

I’ve got a diploma in interactive media design so I know how to do print, web, animation and video. Plus, I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in media arts that officially states that I’m also versed in game narratives.

I’m not a programmer but I’m a total imaginator and fictioneer that can do pretty much in all forms of media, baby! I manage/oversee projects that have to do with plotting or writers.

One of my main mottos when I go on adventures or plot schemes is, “Why not?”. So you’ll see such fun ridiculousness especially on my weekly Monday posts of Sarah Does Singapore.

If you’re in Singapore, you’re most likely to come across me at conventions or various comic or gaming stores.

Mostly, I’d probably be in costumes with my friends from Movie Mania, discreetly holding water bottles for some pals in the 501st or online, you might find me on Here Be Geeks talking about comics.

When it hits November, you can see me with my role as Municipal Liaison for Singapore’s Nanowrimo.

Now while you’re on my about page, go buy some books. I’m in it. When in doubt, just buy everything there, BWUAHAHA.

Oh and since I know a lot of you guys are checking out my page because of ukuleles, yes I play an ukulele! Just hit me up in the comments or an email if you’ve any questions on them. I’m not a professional like WOAH professional but I know quite a bit of it or can point you out to the specific professionals that could answer your questions.

For everything else, check the  main site or the continue reading the blog to check out my adventures and shenanigans.