SDS 2.9 – Game On!

One of the things in the list of things to do in the SDS list was to go to a board game cafe. It’s pretty much everywhere or at least, they’re at accessible parts in town and in some malls. You can choose from De Coder’s Cafe, Pitstop Cafe, Settlers Cafe or The Mind Cafe. I don’t know if there’s any more but those are popular.

We settled for The Mind Cafe at Boat Quay since Jo wanted to play Adversity. As you can see, we were actually early since the place opened at noon. Nonetheless, other people were waiting too, heh.


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SDS 2.5 – Song for Singapore

Hello everyone! Today is Singapore’s National Day! So instead, I shall leave you with our episode at the istana! Yes! Where the president works! The istana holds days for open houses and the day before National Day is one of them! You can usually check their website to see the dates for when you can visit them. So yes, this time we went to the istana open house!

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SDS 2.4 – 500 Miles

This event happens yearly and usually in July or in the mid year. Jo, Avariel and me registered for The New Paper Big Walk after one of the adventure episodes. It’s $10 anyway and you get a coupon for a goodie bag to be picked up on the day of the Big Walk and a t-shirt when you registered, we picked blue instead of red. The whole distance to be covered is 5 kilometers and the last time I did this was back in secondary school.

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SDS 2.3 – Money, Money, Money!

This July was the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum‘s first birthday! It meant free entry for the first week from the 1st till 5th July. Heh, heh. Thus, the Adventure Crew hit the place up to learn about money. Also, because I prebooked a slot since we’d get a discount on “making” money.

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She’s flying!

I think of that when I think of flying. Yeah, I like Azumanga Daioh.

In any case! Check out Joelyn’s causathon thing here. She’s involved with Project Reach’s Causathon and her group is helping out with the Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore.

For her group, you can make a donation here and then comment with a line to complete the story of Captain Jon who has a love for aviation and a flair for creativity but is confronted by his disability. Get him a happy ending!

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