SDS 1.9 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This episode of Sarah Does Singapore is pretty action packed. In fact, this time there’s 10 co-stars plus 1 super special guest star!

The cast:

Guest starring: DUKE ORANGE!

When the day started, heh I figured what the title of the post would be considering the most of us are girls (except 4dpencil and Tiramisue’s brother). If you’re because of Dukey, his appearance is at the last bit of this post so you’d want to scroll there. For everyone else, the day started at Harbourfront MRT!

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SDS 1.6 – Please Mr Postman

This was a slightly impromptu adventure. Well, in reality, it was just after episode 1.5 of SDS since it was the same day. Heh. We were heading towards Rowell Road to check out the Post Museum there (exact address is 107/109 Rowell Road). It’s not really a museum but more of a building with independent arty stuff or whatever events that decide to rent the exhibition area for the day.

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The Tooth Fairy Maths

And so, last Friday I got my wisdom teeth removed and this coming Friday, I’ll get the stitches – unstitched!

Alright, this is going to be wordy and descriptive since obviously I can’t take that many photos while I’m unconscious and all! Also, I know there’s people googling “wisdom tooth removal in Singapore” and getting a few posts on the experience itself. Of course, there’s lots out there about the procedure and medical stuff anyway.

First, I’ll give you a bit of back story on how I got to Changi General Hospital or rather what the prices are like. Firstly, I got referred at a polyclinic. My ear was blocking up somehow cause of the headaches and stuff of the wisdom tooth ache and thus, I got ear drops for it but the main point of the visit at a POLYCLINIC was to get a referred consultation for my wisdom tooth! Time check: My polyclinic visit was in very late November, around the last week or so.

See, if you get referred, you get it at a lower price, just that you have to wait! My FIRST consultation was around 1-2 weeks after the polyclinic visit. That’s just consultation you see in which I ended up going to Changi General Hospital (we preferred there cause it was closer to my home and I like the service) to the dental clinic and got X-rayed.

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SDS 1.5 – Glamorous Sky

It was Singapore’s 3rd International Kite Day (and Teens’ day) at Punggol on the 30th and 31st of January. On the Friday before that, I wanted to buy a ticket for the event but alas, it was sold out at the community centre. OH WELL. Nonetheless, they told me I could buy a ticket at the event itself! So that’s alright. Guest starring: Avariel and Miz Divine (plus boyfriend)!

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Commercial Break.

Hello fellow readers!

I’d probably have my Sarah Does Singapore post done up tonight so it’s scheduled to post itself on Monday but just a little notice as it will get slow for this week or so. I’ve actually got a draft of episode 2 for Versus Undead but it’s been stalling because of a certain factor that has been plaguing me since late last year!


With that said, it’s under general anesthesia and I’ll post on it under my Random Encounters section or SDS. I haven’t figured which cause it’s like an adventure.

A really hurty one.

Eh, I’ll figure out which since there’s people curious on how it’s like and all too. One of the main factors is that one must have cute underwear. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS, I HAD TO FIND OUT MYSELF.

Also, in lieu of flowers/hunks/bikini babes with buckets of ice cream/etc to comfort me, you can buy Happiness at the End of the World either at Orchard Kino or via the publisher and take a picture of you with the book! (Hint: Buying online is cheaper and you get it shipped to you too but you need paypal for it.)

SDS 1.3 – Welcome to the Jungle

Past the urban jungle of Singapore, lies nature (relatively) untouched. There, our adventure crew for the weekend headed into Bukit Timah nature reserve for their guided walk by the park volunteers! It happens every 3rd Saturday of the month and it’s totally free, unless you’re in a large class group or something then you’d have to pay for the excursion. Meanwhile, this episode’s co-stars include: Joelyn Alexandra, Raven Silvers and Avariel. (Mintea guest stars in the later part of this post.)

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SDS 1.2 – Stairway to Heaven

The really weird thing nowadays in Singapore that if you go to Orchard or Somerset, you’d end up in a mall once you get out of the train station. The even weirder thing is that there’s so many malls like woah and they’re all next to each other. This makes it quite confusing for anyone who hasn’t been there for quite a while. Considering most of the malls are similar to each other, I went “Wooooh” when I got the newsletter from my climbing place that they’ve set up a shop in one of them at Orchard Central! It’s the Via Ferrata by Border X. Guest stars for this adventure include: Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and Mintea.

See that thing above Gelare? THAT is what we’re gonna climb.

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SDS 1.1 – Hot and Cold

Beginning a story is always difficult.

Waking up early to begin mine was even more difficult especially when I spent the day before on a phone rescue mission that included going around abandoned HDB blocks (don’t ask).

On the first Saturday of January, I woke up at around 7 am so I could head to the National Museum of Singapore by noon. Of course, that included time to roll around in bed and wonder why the heck I was doing up.

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