SDS 1.2 – Stairway to Heaven

The really weird thing nowadays in Singapore that if you go to Orchard or Somerset, you’d end up in a mall once you get out of the train station. The even weirder thing is that there’s so many malls like woah and they’re all next to each other. This makes it quite confusing for anyone who hasn’t been there for quite a while. Considering most of the malls are similar to each other, I went “Wooooh” when I got the newsletter from my climbing place that they’ve set up a shop in one of them at Orchard Central! It’s the Via Ferrata by Border X. Guest stars for this adventure include: Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and Mintea.

See that thing above Gelare? THAT is what we’re gonna climb.

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SDS 1.1 – Hot and Cold

Beginning a story is always difficult.

Waking up early to begin mine was even more difficult especially when I spent the day before on a phone rescue mission that included going around abandoned HDB blocks (don’t ask).

On the first Saturday of January, I woke up at around 7 am so I could head to the National Museum of Singapore by noon. Of course, that included time to roll around in bed and wonder why the heck I was doing up.

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Versus Undead #1.1

Versus Undead is an Adult rated (soft) sci-fi series about an apocalyptic world getting over run with zombies and vampires. It’ll be posted on Saturday fortnights. Heh, language and adult content included so… Parental guidance is advised (????? I don’t know who’d ask their parents for permission to read this anyway). Heck, it’s nothing too graphic that you can’t pick up from the library. Enjoy!

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In which we shot a lot.

We're here!

The Singapore Discovery Centre! I went with some other bloggers and some of the Nanowrimo crew on last Saturday there. It was actually easy to get to the place since all we had to do was drop at the last stop of the western side of the green line aka Joo Koon. I always wanted to see what was at Joo Koon and now I know. Anyway, it was just a five or so minutes walk from the station to get there.

Here’s a teaser/trailer for this post. Heh.

So on we went!

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Megazip at Sentosa!

Note: UPDATED blog post as of 2011 here.

Blog post trailer video:

This is gonna be very wordy by the way.

On the 8th August 2009, Lysistarielle and I went to the Megazip at Sentosa because we went insane to know that it was open via online booking. Mind you, this is before the official opening so this review will probably be different from the experience of people who went after it. It’s probably just going to be different with the signs anyway.

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