Bird GO!


The Mythopoeia exhibition by Yoshitaka Amano is held at the Mizuma Gallery. Do check the gallery’s website for opening hours and address. We got there by dropping off at Labrador Park MRT and then just walking up to the Gillman Barracks. There’s a large sign saying where the Barracks are.

Mind you, it’s quite a walk inwards as Mizuma Gallery is held at block 22 and it’s waaaaay on top and towards the inner most compound of the barracks. Just look at the map at the barracks if you don’t know where you are in there.

The exhibition will be held until 14 July 2013 so you still have time for a look-see!

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Buy bye Deviant Art Store!

Extended Edition

A lanyard!

The last day of the Deviant Art store is the 28th May 2013. I only knew it today and decided to buy something before it closed down. The digital artist bag is so nice and well, I would have gotten it but I didn’t ‘need’ it when I had my other normal bags.

ALAS, too late anyway since it has sold out! There’s the nomad bag left and while it is beautiful, le sigh. I don’t ‘need’ it either since I just got myself a (very cheap) skateboard bag via ebay.

I wouldn’t say no to the bags though, if it were available to me.

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There is only do or do not. There is no try.

Good day to you!

It’s a really packed and fun May the Fourth be with you considering it was Free Comics Book Day and Star Wars Day. There were a lot of places having events but I couldn’t get to them all.

Make sure you check out Red Dot Diva since I know she went to Invasion at Funan, Cavalock‘s post about the mini figs for FCBD and of course the Here Be Geeks when the post about it! Also, Incoherent Boy wrote about it for the Straits Times here (not sure whenever the page will break since I don’t know how they archive their articles).

ANYWAY, I got to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City at around 10am and hello there cosplayers!

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Burnt Out

Previously… on Seriously Sarah with the Awaken the Dragon mini workshop

The ceramic pieces!

Our pieces are done! And displayed! Wooooh. No, we didn’t do all that. It’s all contributed by everyone who attended the workshops or mini shows or did private group sessions.

Anyway, this will be at the National Museum of Singapore until the 24th March 2013, it’s near the back of the museum, past the shop and it’s free to have a looksee!

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Dragon, wake up!

We’re helping to wake the Dragon up in 2013. You can know more about it on their wordpress here or their Facebook. Once there were at least 20 Dragon Kilns in Singapore, now there are two. And this one will be gone so we’re going to wake the Dragon up before it leaves us forever…

At the moment there are still workshops for YOU (no experience needed) to contribute to this project since they want at least 3000 pieces to fill the dragon and to fire it up. You can even have a private session, as long as you contact them with a small group of friends or people interested to do it with you.

AND THUS, The Adventure Crew managed to get into the slot at the National Museum of Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It’s $15 per person or $25 for adult with child, just check which workshop you want to attend since it might have different prices for different locations if they have drinks provided etc etc.

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24 Hours Comics Day! The briefing…

Singapore’s 24 Hours Comics Day will be held this coming Saturday, 20 October 2012 at Bukit Merah Library. More info on registry, it is on the SG 24 Hour Comics website. If you ever wanted to try 24 hour comics day, you should register and go do it with the other artists!

It’s like the comics equivalent of Nanowrimo only you have to do a comic.

In 24 Hours.


WELL, the atmosphere is fun and everyone else will be rushing to complete their stories too. The library has rented a lot of tables just for this event and it’ll be like an overnight camp with no less games and more drawing!

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In which I casually try not to bleed over things

The Little Happy Shop is a little shop of happiness at Holland Village Shopping Mall. With the new station open, it was easy to get there. Well, relatively easy cause it was raining like heck when we were there.





Plus me of course. We were going to attend a rubber stamp making workshop! This is apparently a super popular workshop since the slots get filled fast since it is freaking fun and that really, it’s called The Little Happy Shop, it isn’t that big.

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Sarah Does Singapore – Season 3 Finale

Woah. Interestingly after the official episodes for season 3 are over, we had some more adventures that were really fun and also arty. I’m going to put that in Random Encounters. Pluuuus, there’s something that I’m going to be posting about to after this series. So while the episodes for Sarah Does Singapore is over for season 3, heh heh heh, watch out for more ridiculous things. Something else is taking over for Mondays. Still adventure but a lot more weird things.

And now the play list!

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And of our mugs…

Remember we did the mugs and left it at the studio for the people to glaze and fire it up for us? Here they are! I picked it up quite a long while ago but I finally took close up pictures of my mug.

Yes, I like Assassin’s Creed. It looks more defined in real life or in the first picture compared to this close up.

And from all the angles, you can see that this is a rather large mug. So yay! It’s pretty heavy and sturdy too. I am guessing this could fit a venti latte or something.

That’s all!