After the kick-off! And other launches

The Nanowrimo kick-off for Singapore was wonderful. With 66 people sigining in, NOT including their parents/children or friends who came with them, they filled up the programme zone of the Bishan Library.

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The Evening of Everything

Everything is happening on the 27th of October this year.

Don’t forget that our Nanowrimo kick-off party is at Bishan library, programme zone, level 2. The party starts at 4pm! Nanowrimoer-s sign in the book to get your nanowrimo sticker.Our party theme is DIY! If you want to bring crackers/snacks to share, feel free to do so! Best if Halal so everyone can eat it too.

Our unofficial dress code is: Wear whatever is decent to the library that you want to wear and have no occasion to, so this is the best time to wear whatever you want or show your fandom through your attire.


AND for everything else…

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Nanowrimo 2012, Singapore Writers Fest and a play?

And here are the details for the Nanowrimo kick-off party 2012!

Location: Bishan Library, level 2, Programme Zone

Time: 4pm-6pm

Date: 27 October 2012, Saturday

Yesss. If you need a pictorial guide to the library from the MRT station, click here. Or if you need a VIDEO of the location, it’s here. It is the day after Hari Raya Haji and it is a fairly transparent place if you check out the pictures. Oh, of course it is free. This year’s unnofficial theme for Singapore s “Do It Yourself” cause we have no monies. Aha ha ha ha ha.

But in a way, teamwork it is!

And this is a video of us to YOU Nanowrimo-ers. Don’t forget to check the threads out on the forums at the main webby here!

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Let’s write some stories!

Talk/Discussion on Writing Real Life Speculative Fiction

Admission: Free

Location: Central library, multipurpose room (basement)

When: 24 September, Saturday, 6pm

Come on down if you’re interested in learning how to write fiction and yes, finally we have this once more since it was postponed by the elections. Gee.


The same weekend has a WaterFire® art installation by Barnaby Evans at Bedok Reservoir. Main programme starts at 6pm but the fires light up at 7.40pm for 24th and 25th September. I know I’ll be going to the one on Sunday. Would be lovely to check it out and get inspiration and whatnot.

Click the picture above to see the full programme!

Also, what’s this…?

Oooh a Comics Xchange?

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Ho ho ho, Lauren Kate, the author of Fallen, Torment, Passion and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove was in Singapore to do some appearances!

I went to Lauren Kate’s first at the Serangoon Public Library. The other appearances would be at the books stores and the Jurong library for that day. Anyway,  I was early. Like, super early so I lurked around near the shelves standing around and reading children books where the Granny had alzheimer’s and couldn’t make her golden soup right (?!?) and that the children had to understand and stuff.  (I continued to read about lonely hippos having a party and some cat who wanted to be other animals but yeah, ok.)

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SDS 3.3 – Written in the Stars

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content was on the 26-28 May 2011. I got registered for it and since it did cost quite a bit, here are some highlights and notes from the conferences! It is a literary adventure for this episode. The conferences and workshops were held at the Arts House.

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Saturday is the day after Friday

Ahhh, lots of events on Saturday, 28 May!

Firstly, there is an Intro to Creative Writing talk/ workshop at the National Library, Multipurpose Room, basement 1, 2pm. It is FREE so come on by if you want to talk or learn more on creative writing and ask questions on it.

Secondly, we have a discussion talk that is FREE too at Spore-Con! That will be from 11am-12pm. It is about Writing Genre Fiction in Singapore! Click the link to know more plus you might be interested in going for some of the tournaments or games at the convention itself.

Yes, we’ll be going to Spore-Con and then to the library! Do come for either though the one at the library will be more on writing while the one at Spore-Con will be more on a discussion of the state of writing genre fiction here.

On the side that is not organized by us, there will also be The Asian Festival of Children’s Content! That is not free though and you have to pay for the conference fees. That will be at the Arts House, just in case you’re heading that direction and wondering what is up with all the people since the Cats of the World exhibition is there too.

Lastly, there is a Superheroes as a social commentary talk at the Esplanade library at 4.30pm by a screenwriting lecturer from the Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts.

What is up with Saturday indeed. Well, I hope to see at least some of you guys at either the library or Spore-Con!