The Time Traveler’s Wife – the movie

The Time Traveler's Wife ticket

I watched the Time Traveler’s Wife before I read the book. I’m still number 48 in the reservation list at the library with 22 books in circulation. It would take a long while for me to get it.

So anywho, I watched the movie first and I sobbed.


It was good.

This review will be more on the movie since I don’t have the book yet.

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Singapore Writers Festival and Other Stuff


It’s been quiet. I’ve actually got a bunch of posts. Such as the NERF 2009 Tournament, The Time Traveler’s Wife movie, The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition and much more (big fat hint, check the Singapore Writers Festival website to see who are coming down).


Okay, I’ll just do the fastest post without videos included first.

Happiness at the end of the World

THAT! See that? That’s the cover of one of the two books at our Nanowrimo Kick Off party/book launch on the 31st October. The details?

Location: Earshot Cafe, The Arts House

Date and time: 31st October, 2pm-4pm

Dress code: Under Cover

Items to bring: Tupperware (if you wanna bring home cake)

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Open Trolley is my alternate universe Amazon


Actual Open Trolley does not look like this.

Okay, like, I was surprised some people didn’t know what Open Trolley was but then I realized that I haven’t actually told what it was specifically except in real life to people.

I call it my alternate universe Amazon.


Because it’s basically got all the books online except that IT IS IN SGD AND THE SHIPPING IS LOCAAAAAL! ARRGH. Yes! You know those hard to get books that you wanna buy in the US/elsewhere because it’s not stocked at Kinokuniya/Borders/Popular/etc?

It’s here.

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Yu Dan lecture … and a little sweetness

Romance Week day 3 post will be soon after this but firstly…

Yu Dan Lecture – Sentiments About Eastern Intellect (感悟东方智慧)
Date: Wednesday, 8th July 2009
Venue: Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)Jia Geng Auditorium
47 Hill Street S(179365)
Time: 7pm – 10pm

在 2009 新加坡作家节及本地出版商Pansing的支持下,南洋理工大学孔子学院及新加坡中华总商会邀请到曾在狮城引起轰动、风靡华人社会的中国”国学超女“于 丹,以《论语》这本蕴含卓越古人智慧的经典著作,为大家举行专场演讲,探讨与分析论语文化给予现代企业家的启示。


More info from their e-poster here. I can’t read/write (ironically I can somewhat understand) Chinese so I just copy pasted the info. Seats are limited so RSVP to Ms Lee Hee Boy at if you’re attending.


Since some people are curious over from my twitter side. This is the McD’s cinnamon melt I was talking about. Well official name is Cinammon Melts but it’s so weird to say it with a plural in my previous sentence.


It’s $2.50 and is best eaten there and not as a takeaway.

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Conversation with Wena Poon (Plus Sharon Bakar!)



I just wanted to say that. It is too amusing not to. Anywho, yesss. The event got an upgrade since apparently there was a lot of response for it. Bad, bad me. I didn’t rsvp so I signed in right then. They’re popular ladies, you see. Hence the bigger location.

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An Irish Tour of Singapore

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and I chanced upon Rozen aka Rosemary at the parade while I was helping the Jedi in the Star Wars contingent record stuff. Technically, if you were there, you might notice me in this here picture (page 6, 17 Mar 08, Today Paper).

Spot me

Well, I suppose not really unless you zoom in but I was lugging camera equipment around in the background.


Ten minutes before the parade started, I called out to her for a hello and all and then… GASP!

She shoved me this!

Irish book

An Irish Tour of Singapore, published by Two Trees, her book was finally done! AND it’s published by Two Trees aka HER publishing company. What surprised me most was that it was a HARDCOVER book.

Frankly, how many hardcover books have you seen printed for local books? Not many right? (Books meant for literature class don’t count since those are for students who’re rough on them.) Or they might mostly be for children’s books too… as it is, it’s NOT often!

irish book inside

The paper quality is pretty nice too, smooth and white since there are also pictures printed in it to reference the historical events that has happened.

Although it IS pretty much a history book of sorts, talking about the Irish in Singapore, for some reason, it doesn’t really feel like it. It didn’t feel as boring as some other books I’ve read (for history) and somehow… the writing is sassy.

Maybe it’s because I know the writer or the subject matter of the book but in all, it feels upbeat and you’d go “Woah” over the facts in it.

For instance, I did not know a lot of the roads I’ve been to around Orchard and such are named after Irish people!! Heck, I didn’t even know “Killiney” was Irish. The name only brought “Coffeeshop” in my mind because of the famous coffee and toast around there.

The history it brings makes you realize there’s a lot of Irish in Singapore and the contributions they did in building up the country!

There’s a slight moment on page 59 of the book that hit me as the chapter was about the Catholic Brothers and Sisters coming to set up the schools and teach people here in Singapore (St Joseph’s and CHIJMES for instance). You learn that these people really, REALLY want to help the people back then in giving education, medical help and all.

And okay, I admit.

There was one line too about one of the Sisters marrying the captain of the ship (this is legal back then since it wasn’t in their vows and whatever so she wasn’t breaking anything) AMIDST THE BACKGROUND OF TURBULENCE AND PASHIIOOONE.

Okay, okay…

So not really much on the passion but the book described the journey from where they came to Singapore was not an easy one. They had SHIPS back then and STORMS and fevers and stuff! And to think they’d travel all the way through the hardship to just give the people back then education, help, Churches and etc.

This book has pictures and pretty much a LOT of info on the Irish from the past till the present in Singapore. In fact, page 109 made me snort in amusement because the writer had written about herself winning the Singapore Literature Prize Merit Award under the chapter about the arts, culture and media. This is true (she’s Irish!) but I could imagine her saying “HAH!” or “Me, me!” while writing this bit.

Me thinks, if I get to know more writers and read their books, I’ll start to have a mini commentary in my mind on how they write or something.

If you’re a history buff or need research or inspiration about the past, go pick up the book!

It costs SGD$25.

The official launch is in June so I’ll probably post a reminder till then.

When it comes out, it’ll be available in major bookstores and possibly Amazon too, so hold on until it’s properly released!

It’ll also be on sale at their website.

Meet a Literary Agent…

This is amusing because this was the same title Rozen and I came up with when we did an impromptu Agent session last year at the Writer’s Festival.

For those who missed last year, there’s another literary agent holding a session!

Here’s the info!

Meet a Literary Agent

Ever written a novel and never quite knew where to send it? Wanted some advice about getting your works published but was not quite sure who would have the answers? Then chase away your Monday blues and join us at this session with Jayapriya and Priya from Jacaranda Press, India’s leading literary agent now based in Singapore. You can learn more about the business of literary agents and pose ANY questions you may have to them.

Date: Monday, March 10
Time: 2.30pm onwards
Venue: Temasek Room (Level 6, MICA Building, 140 Hill Street)
Admission: Free (kindly RSVP by 6pm on Friday, March 7, to