A fan’s hope!

Fancy tickets

It’s the Singapore Design Film Festival 2013 and I managed to catch Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope! Firstly, this was held at the School of the Arts and secondly, woah. Look at the tickets. The one in gold font is the ticket holder. Paper’s by RJ Paper.

I get it yes

Yes,  design film festival, I get it. It was really designerish.


This is presented by Anonymous. Maaan, that’s so designer.

The audience!

Anyway while it wasn’t sold out, it was a packed theatre! And then the movie started and it was just… So good! There was a brief cameo by Here Be Geeks too since they went during the year it was filming.

You had the perspectives of the comic artists to be, the collectors, the fans, the cosplayers, the shop owners! Basically the people who made up Comic Con and it’s just so wow.

If you ever wanted to go there, well then the title is really well named because it really is a fan’s hope! A hope to be in the comic business, a hope to survive it. A hope to make a great show. A hope to make lasting friendships or more! It’s just so AWWWWW.

Hey Papa Palheta's here!

And it finished. The full movie was 1 hour and 26 minutes but it didn’t feel like it and the ending was just so awwwwww. Meanwhile Papa Palheta along with Books Actually were there by the ticket counters. The coffee was priced by how much you tipped! And the books were of course tagged as usual.

Anyway the Japanese Film Fest will be starting on 26 June so check that out if you wanna see non-mainstream movies. They even have RENT A CAT!

There is only do or do not. There is no try.

Good day to you!

It’s a really packed and fun May the Fourth be with you considering it was Free Comics Book Day and Star Wars Day. There were a lot of places having events but I couldn’t get to them all.

Make sure you check out Red Dot Diva since I know she went to Invasion at Funan, Cavalock‘s post about the mini figs for FCBD and of course the Here Be Geeks when the post about it! Also, Incoherent Boy wrote about it for the Straits Times here (not sure whenever the page will break since I don’t know how they archive their articles).

ANYWAY, I got to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City at around 10am and hello there cosplayers!

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Mangafest 2013!

Lots of people in the morn!

Mangafest 2013‘s events for the weekend was held at The Arts House and Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. The Arts House’s exhibit was from 10am to 8pm. I lurked outside, eating my Old Chang Kee porridge as I waited for my friends to arrive.

And good grief… It was Saturday morning and I saw lots of people going up to the second floor where the exhibition was held at the Gallery.

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24 Hours Comics Day! The briefing…

Singapore’s 24 Hours Comics Day will be held this coming Saturday, 20 October 2012 at Bukit Merah Library. More info on registry, it is on the SG 24 Hour Comics website. If you ever wanted to try 24 hour comics day, you should register and go do it with the other artists!

It’s like the comics equivalent of Nanowrimo only you have to do a comic.

In 24 Hours.


WELL, the atmosphere is fun and everyone else will be rushing to complete their stories too. The library has rented a lot of tables just for this event and it’ll be like an overnight camp with no less games and more drawing!

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SDS 3.21 – Take on Me

I went for the seminar instead of the workshops since I didn’t really need those. So yes, to sum it up, it was fun and super informative! This is also the first time the event is held and from what I heard from the organizer, she might be doing smaller versions, just some of the talks on its own in the future besides just the main event?

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Let’s write some stories!

Talk/Discussion on Writing Real Life Speculative Fiction

Admission: Free

Location: Central library, multipurpose room (basement)

When: 24 September, Saturday, 6pm

Come on down if you’re interested in learning how to write fiction and yes, finally we have this once more since it was postponed by the elections. Gee.


The same weekend has a WaterFire® art installation by Barnaby Evans at Bedok Reservoir. Main programme starts at 6pm but the fires light up at 7.40pm for 24th and 25th September. I know I’ll be going to the one on Sunday. Would be lovely to check it out and get inspiration and whatnot.

Click the picture above to see the full programme!

Also, what’s this…?

Oooh a Comics Xchange?

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STGCC: And for those who make it fun

The Singapore Toys, Games, Comics Convention 2010 starts tomorrow! Hurray! They’ve got the line up and “who’s who” up at their website now including the name of the shops. However, I’d like to focus on SOME people who aren’t “special guest stars” but who make the convention fun. They range from the various shops, to the organizations and even media people! I got to talk or rather email some of the people below so heh, you guys will get to know more on them!

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