A Lot Less Funny

 Ok the papers on the 3rd.

TIME TO CHANNEL MY INNER SUMIKO TAN. If you don’t read the Straits Times, I don’t blame you. I’m sure you have other things to do like instagram your food or tweet something. Me too, my friends. Me too.

The only time I read the Straits Times is when I go straight to the Life! Section and scan the pages to see if I’m in it.


Ok, maybe not.

But I do check the comics section first and LO AND BEHOLD, the comics section is now… JUST TWO STRIPS? WHAT THE BANANAYS IS THAT? No. No. Did I drop a page and did my cat eat it? Of course not, that’s silly. My cat wouldn’t eat the paper. It is not that attractive to consume. Was it my imagination that this comic section was now less of a section and more of random COPY PASTA ON A PAGE?


I noticed this phenomenon when they started last Sunday or so when the comics strips were reduced to one page instead of three. Ok. Ok. That’s alright… I think? Maybe the papers had something more important to write about in the Life! section. At least the local strip by Miel was there.

The thing is, I wasn’t the only one who noticed this new thing ST was trying out.

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Make the books!

Intro to book making!

Last weekend I went to the Everest Room at the Woodlands library to go to their free Introduction to Book Making class with Pooja!

It was, as I said, free and that the library got to have it there in Woodlands for a day. Limited seats were had but I managed to sign up once I knew about it since Pooja’s classes are always packed and you mustn’t hesitate in clicking yes.

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Bird GO!


The Mythopoeia exhibition by Yoshitaka Amano is held at the Mizuma Gallery. Do check the gallery’s website for opening hours and address. We got there by dropping off at Labrador Park MRT and then just walking up to the Gillman Barracks. There’s a large sign saying where the Barracks are.

Mind you, it’s quite a walk inwards as Mizuma Gallery is held at block 22 and it’s waaaaay on top and towards the inner most compound of the barracks. Just look at the map at the barracks if you don’t know where you are in there.

The exhibition will be held until 14 July 2013 so you still have time for a look-see!

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Game: Rojak Institute

This is Rojak Institute

There was a time in 2007 where I made a game with a bunch of ladies (plus one guy who helped out!) called Rojak Institute. We premiered it at Cosfest (Singapore) and Comic Fiesta (Malaysia) in 2007 but we made the game in the one year before that. Or technically less than a year.

So it started around in mid 2006 that Kei grabbed a bunch of us writers, illustrators and programmers to do a visual novel game. Mind you, we were either working/interning/schooling. Mostly in school.

Rojak Institute had original art, story and heck MUSIC.

You can download the game for free here: Rojak Institute Episode 1 (29.3MB)

It is originally made in flash and was sold at our conventions in CD-Rs with printed bookmarks so it auto ran when you placed it in your computer.

To start, since this is a download, click opening.exe. If you’re on a Mac, click opening.swf.

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Buy bye Deviant Art Store!

Extended Edition

A lanyard!

The last day of the Deviant Art store is the 28th May 2013. I only knew it today and decided to buy something before it closed down. The digital artist bag is so nice and well, I would have gotten it but I didn’t ‘need’ it when I had my other normal bags.

ALAS, too late anyway since it has sold out! There’s the nomad bag left and while it is beautiful, le sigh. I don’t ‘need’ it either since I just got myself a (very cheap) skateboard bag via ebay.

I wouldn’t say no to the bags though, if it were available to me.

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Without a Thread

Set the scene! Emily Hill, on a Saturday afternoon. After climbing up the steps from Little India MRT station (the escalator broke down) and then going up some more steps to get to the house on the hill, we arrived at the Threadless party! Before that, we were at the Nanowrimo write-in at Republic Plaza. Next week’s write-in will be at Rochester Park’s Starbucks.

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Boats. Stupid Boats.

Well, I’ve finally deleted the Straits Times app. It was getting to be a subscribers only thing. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for apps, I just don’t want to pay for something that’s not properly made. Heck, I buy digital comics on Comixology and that’s gorgeous. To those who’re thinking of buying the app, I say hah to you! Not sure if they give a demo for readers to see how it is since I managed to check it out while it was free.

So here is why I think the ST app is sucky (and it still is unless they reupdated everything from the time of this post).

Warning: This is super long because it is that craptastic. I’ll do it in sections instead. Just click on the screenshots to make it bigger, I didn’t want to load it to fill the screen cause it is A LOT of screenshots.

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