SDS 3.12 – From Out of Nowhere

There was a mini exhibition at Wilkie’s Edge with some artists who are most probably going to be at STGCC too at their own booths! I went here after doing a little expedition for Nothing Less (more on that on another post this week!). It’s one of those mini events before the main Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention would be held on 20th August.

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SDS 2.9 – Game On!

One of the things in the list of things to do in the SDS list was to go to a board game cafe. It’s pretty much everywhere or at least, they’re at accessible parts in town and in some malls. You can choose from De Coder’s Cafe, Pitstop Cafe, Settlers Cafe or The Mind Cafe. I don’t know if there’s any more but those are popular.

We settled for The Mind Cafe at Boat Quay since Jo wanted to play Adversity. As you can see, we were actually early since the place opened at noon. Nonetheless, other people were waiting too, heh.


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SDS 1.25 – I want to be the very best!

Bet you didn’t know we had Pokemon Gyms in Singapore. Well they only started late last year or early this year anyway. Nonetheless, there was a tournament at Millenia Walk for the trading card gamers and also the video gamers of Pokemon.

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SDS 1.23 – Game of Love

SPORE! If you read the previous post, you’d know I was on the panel about SFF (science fiction and fantasy) writers existing in Singapore. This post however is on the convention itself! It was at Pasir Ris Community Club. SPORE-CON is a gaming convention. You can call it “analog” gaming though and not the digital ones you’d find on the computer. These are the ones where you use cards, miniature figurines, board games etc!

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And with an appearance…

Well hellooo.

This weekend, there is Spore-Con at Pasir Ris Community Centre. Besides gaming of the board game variety, card games and miniature table top ones, there will be some science fiction and fantasy panel there!

Let me copy and paste:

“Yes, We do exist – SFF writing in Singapore”

Room: TIA
Date: 5/6/2010

Time: 11am-12pm

We have readings and a book signing!

Yes. DO come because I’ll be there along with Rozen of Two Trees where you can ask about writing genre fiction in Singapore and such.

For more info, you can check out their page here. Have any friends who like to write and what not? Ask them to come along. After all, besides fiction, it is a gaming convention where you have to think and make up stories for your campaigns. At the time of this post, the room number is still to be advised. Fret not! You’ll probably know which room when you go there and ask if you haven’t checked the website before then.

How to get there?

Pasir Ris East Community Club

No 1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #01-08 Singapore 519457

SBS Bus Services along Pasir Ris Drive 1:
12, 17, 21, 39, 53, 81, 358, 359 and 518

Contact Numbers for the CC is:  65811861

SEE YOU AROUND, you guys!

Of Writing Workshops, Foxes and Games!


First up, guys, free workshops from 29th till 31st October regarding various types of writing for cinema, fiction and non-fiction. Check it out by downloading the pdf here (right click and save) ! It’s all totally free during this Singapore Writers Fest. Organized by NBDCS, Jacaranda and co-organized by National Arts Council, The Arts House and a part of SWF. Go spread it to your friends who’re interested in writing and all that.

And now, on towards foxes.


Alright, day 2 on 25th Oct of the Singapore Writers Festival. 11 am at the Earshot Cafe and there was quite a number of people. Suddenly it occurred to me… WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? I didn’t realize we had much love for books here which is pretty much a YAY! Oh yes, Raven Silvers and I came to support Wena for The Proper Care of Foxes, plus Raven wanted her poster of SWF signed and I wanted to get what books I wanted before next week. (I don’t wanna lug more books for next Saturday when I’ve got my own thing on.)

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