Creative Lighting Workshop at SMA!

 visitor pass

Okay, on the 26th till the 29th of February, I had a creative lighting workshop at the Singapore Media Academy and it was so freaking cool.


In any case, the course was only $500 but it was totally worth it. That is if you are interested in lighting. The instructors for this course was Don Bachmeier (he’s from Lowel and here are some stuff he teaches) and Brett Smith.

If you ever wanted to learn lighting, this is the course to go. I used to learn lighting in my polytechnic but I found it boring and had nothing to do with lighting since then (I let the crew focus on the lighting while I did my own things anyway since I wasn’t part of the lighting team usually). It was until I got into this course that I got enthusiastic cause it is that good.

green screen

So if you ever wondered to enroll in it whenever you see it popping up under the SMA website, you can be sure it is THAT cool. You get to learn a lot of techniques and the instructors will help you if you have some scenarios or problems with some lighting things you’re doing at work or school or wherever.

light demo

It SO made me like lighting more than I did back then in school and now I’m totally into wanting to do my own so I can improve the feelings and mood of my pictures and videos!!! I know now how to make them look like what I want now instead of just using photoshop or whatever to improve them.

bunch of lights

Plus, you get to play with expensive lights, diffusers, gels, etc!! Including High Definition cameras (le gasp!!!). In any case, you are supposed to do some stuff in the last two days of the workshop so you can be “qualified” and get your certificates, heh heh.


Yeah, that’s mine, hur hur. I made the model hold the lamp like that and adjusted the lighting so she would look menacing. I hope the organizers will send us the dvd of our stuff soon! Cause they look SO good in HD.