Titanic exhibit at the Arts Science Museum!

My alternate title for this post was “We’re syncing” cause we finally got a time when some of us could go to the exhibit together. Anywho, the last day for the Titanic exhibit would be 29 April 2012. Tickets for just the exhibit costs $24 for adults or $20 if you’re a Singaporean. There are discounts for OCBC card members or well, just check out the official details at the Marina Bay Sand’s Arts Science Museum website for pricing.

When you purchase your ticket, don’t lose it for you’ll have to scan in to enter. Also, make sure you’ve gone through EVERYTHING of the exhibit where your ticket states for once you leave the Arts Science Museum building, you can reenter since it’s not a whole day ticket but just a per entry ticket.

Alright, there’s no photography except for the official photo points so there won’t be much pictures here.

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SDS 3.18 – Frozen

Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy finishes it run on 16 October 2011 so you still have time to visit it before the “end of run rush” comes in. It is at the Asian Civilizations Museum which is just a short walk from City Hall MRT. Lots of museums are around in the area anyway.

I went to the exhibition on a weekday with Avarielle! Plus, since it was a weekday, there were school students on an excursion to the museum.

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SDS 3.16 – Letters to You

For the month of August, it was free entry for us to the various museums in Singapore! We went to the stamp museum. The official name is the Singapore Philatelic Museum but really, it’s easier to just say stamp museum. It’s near City Hall MRT and you can just walk within 10 minutes from the station

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From the past to the future!

It started at Raffles Hotel. Well, the group was to meet up with the I Heart Museums people at the bus stop nearby first! The crew and I were to go on a Journey Through Time – A Fantasy Tour by the National Heritage Board. FYI, the next trip is on March 12 and 13! For those interested in it, you can find out more and email/call them here. Make sure you call or email them before 7th March for it!

OK, the intro to this whole thing, I saw the tour tickets being a prize on Yesterday.sg and then looked at the actual website for this tour and went all, “Heck it. I don’t want to have a chance to win tickets, I so totally want to be on this!”.

Thus the crew signed up for it too because the summary was this:

Join characters Julia and Meng, magically transported from 1914, as they visit our iconic National Monuments and give first-hand accounts of olden day Singapore. The tour, which takes participants to Raffles Hotel, St. Andrew’s Cathedral and the Armenian Church, will focus on the contributions of the Armenian community in Singapore as well as other prominent historical figures. Additional tours will be held on 12 and 13 March as part of Illuminate 175, a special event celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Armenian Church, the oldest church in Singapore. Suitable for children 10 years and above.

Oh heck yes.

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Pompeii – A life in a Roman town 79CE

This isn’t a Sarah Does Singapore adventure. This is a Random Encounter. Which wasn’t really random at all… BUT, this is not part of the SDS series! No matter, the Adventure Crew went to the Pompeii exhibit! It’s here until 23 January at the National Museum. Free for students as always and $12 for us who had to pay.

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SDS 2.22 – Dig A Little Deeper

As we signed the indemnity forms, I realize that if we were to accidentally activate zombies, mummies or strange portals, it wouldn’t be the archaeologist’s fault and we’d have to FIGHT TO SURVIVE!

Or something like that.

However, there were no zombies, mummies or strange portals… In this episode of ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE! Wooo. It’s still fun nonetheless.

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Back to the past! AGAIN!

Or in other words, to the old aka former supreme court once more! Remember how I went up to the freaking roof? This time I AM GOING DOWN DEEP BELOW! We’re going artifact hunting!

Ok, not too deep, I think but yes! Time to be Lara Croft or Indiana Jones! Or well, not really. I don’t think there are hidden tunnels or portals at the site of the future National Art Gallery. Nonetheless instead of just viewing historical artifacts in the museums and such, why not have a go at finding them? Volunteers are needed for the month of November!

Call for Volunteers: Archaeological Excavations at National Art Gallery 2nd-30th November 2010

Archaeologists from the Southeast Asian Studies Programme NUS will be undertaking a major excavation project at the future site of the National Art Gallery (the former Supreme Court and City Hall), right in the heart of downtown Singapore!

We will be excavating for remains of the legendary settlement of Temasek (c.1300s). Our last evaluation field work conducted in January 2010 revealed significant pockets of artifacts from the ancient city, and this November season we expect to uncover more.

Venue: Site of the future National Art Gallery (car park between the former Supreme Court and City Hall buildings)
Street Address: 1 St.Andrew’s Road
Dates: 2nd – 30th November 2010
Hours: 0930 – 1830hrs
Work Days: Tuesday thru Sundays (Mondays off – apart from this rest day, we work through all other days rain and shine)

Do be advised that archaeology is a physically demanding affair, and you should not be afraid to get a little dirty at the end of the day. Do wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Bring along sunblock, a hat, a water flask (we have a large capacity insulator on site which is always filled with iced water), and if you like a change of clothes at the end of the day.


If you want to be part of the crew, you can contact Shien at the Southeast Asian Archaeology website here or email him at shien(at)seaarchaeology(dot)com. They need volunteers and they have a roster so please email him to know when you can do so! And this would be very fun experience to learn more on how finding pieces of history and such! I am talking in exclamations!