Happiness at the end of the Nano Kick Off


First up, yes. Our book is published! You can buy it online here. Currently, since it just got printed and all, it will take quite a bit of time before the distributors would distribute the copies into the various bookshops here (may be in the coming weeks). If you’re wanting the book now, then it’s best to just order it online first from Two Trees, the publisher. Quick summary, 8 short stories, set at the end of the world but with happy endings. Press release found when you click on the above links. It’s a very interesting compilation by the way! I’m not saying that just because I’m one of the writers there but because I went “Ooooh!” at the other stories too.

Now onwards to Singapore’s NaNoWriMo kick-off!


Ours was 2pm but we came around 1.30pm YET, the cafe was filled with people. Some of them Nanowrimo-ers too. Uugh, uugh! It was slightly crowded so we hurried and set up our signs, books and goodie bags. We didn’t want the guests to wait too long even when it wasn’t yet our session!

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The Night of Lit Up Books


So like, I got invited to the Singapore Writers Festival 2009 opening cause I was hot since I’m part of the programme for this year. Part of the prograaaamme, part of the prograaaamme. Sounds like some Matrix thingy but right, anyway, invites yay! It was lovely of them to invite us and all. FYI, the opening was on the 23rd, the Friday evening before everything started on Saturday. Naturally, it was at the Arts House.

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Your universe

Yess, another post in the Nanowrimo series. This time it’s your universe, or rather, I’m writing about the universe my characters are in. You’ve got to know where on Earth (or non-Earth) your characters are to let them play around, you see.

Or else… well, it’s just characters and your story won’t have those little details that makes it real for the characters themselves to live in.


So let us build a universe.

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Into the research

This year I’m gonna document how I can do 1667 words a day for November. Well, for Nanowrimo, that is. Sure, I can probably write more a day and finish it before the deadline but it’s just fun that way, you know. Plus, I like seeing a gradual incline on the graph on my account there.

If you’re not even Nanowrimo-ing, this will still probably be educational if you ever want to figure out how to write at least a novel of your own. Sure, there’s probably tons of websites out there saying the same thing but heeey, whatever. I just like writing these stuff up anyway to note it down. Thus, this will also be a progress post of sorts.

Alright, this year I want to write about superheroes.

Or to be exact, I want to write about the person who makes the super hero outfits.

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Nanowrimo-ing away, Okay, well not yet

Nanowrimo Stickers

(The stickers are for those who come to the party or write-ins! The badge is mine.)

Quiet once more. Okay so I do have things to post but I am pretty occupied with planning for Nanowrimo anyway. The kick-off party that is. If you guys haven’t known, details are here:

Location: Earshot Cafe, The Arts House (near City Hall MRT)

Date: 31st October, Saturday

Time: 2pm-4pm

Dresscode: Under Cover

Yeah that’s the brief details that you might have read in an earlier post but meanwhile, I’m planning with my other co-ML what to put inside the goodie bags and they’re going to be literally punny.

MEANWHILE, preparations are being done. Wuuuaaargh. Also ideas, plotlines! Stuff! For Nanowrimo in November! If you guys haven’t tried it before, DO IT.

Well, if you like to write stories anyway.


Oh yes, click on that thumbnail for the eposter! Paste it on your blogs, people!

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