After the kick-off! And other launches

The Nanowrimo kick-off for Singapore was wonderful. With 66 people sigining in, NOT including their parents/children or friends who came with them, they filled up the programme zone of the Bishan Library.

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The Evening of Everything

Everything is happening on the 27th of October this year.

Don’t forget that our Nanowrimo kick-off party is at Bishan library, programme zone, level 2. The party starts at 4pm! Nanowrimoer-s sign in the book to get your nanowrimo sticker.Our party theme is DIY! If you want to bring crackers/snacks to share, feel free to do so! Best if Halal so everyone can eat it too.

Our unofficial dress code is: Wear whatever is decent to the library that you want to wear and have no occasion to, so this is the best time to wear whatever you want or show your fandom through your attire.


AND for everything else…

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Game2Read and the Cat’s Purrzaar

The utterly unimaginative title of this post is pretty much… Well, Game2Read was a quiet affair. It was held at the airy space, The Plaza at the central National Library. It did mean a lot of space to walk around though.

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The Hunger Games… Vouchers… and Diablo 3?

Like The Hunger Games? We’re holding a competition and an event at the central library!

Yes! The Hunger Games Singapore, Liyanaland and us from the HSWG will be hosting it. Click the picture for a larger version of the poster. Mainly though, you can RSVP for the event here. The competition itself will let you win Hunger Games merch and books. There’s the:

  • Short story contest (500-2000 words) – Tell us how life in the Capitol would be like. Open to all.
  • Costume art contest. Two categories: Above 16 years old and under 16 years old. Design a tribute costume with a short description of your entry. 800px in jpg format.

For both competitions, send it to with the email titled “Hunger Games Short Story Contest 2012” or “Hunger Games Costume Art Contest 2012” by 9 June.

The event itself will be on 17 June from 2pm to 5pm at the central library! Yes. Feel free to dress up as the characters too.


Win Book Depository Vouchers!

Also, do YOU want to win Book Depository vouchers up to $20? Liyanaland has a competition on her website here for more details on that. Seriously, if you like buying books especially from BD, go look at it since the competition is super simple.


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Chickens, fishes and lions! Oh my!

Let’s start off with a few submission calls with deadlines in decending order…

We have The Ayam Curtain which is a an anthology of very short fiction! Short (HA HA) details are that it has to be:

  • speculative fiction in English
  • either 100-150 words or 500 words to 1000 words (there are two categories)
  • written by Singaporeans or residents of Singapore (not necessarily PRs)
  • Deadline is 31 May 2012

For more details, check out their page here.

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SDS 3.24 – My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors

The kick off for Nanowrimo in Singapore was at the multipurpose room of the National Library. Somehow even though it was to be on at 6.30pm, there were a lot of early comers filling up the seats in the front and it didn’t take long for other people to stream in too.

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Nanowrimo Kick off party!

Hello everyone.

YES! Feel free to use the above e-poster and also tell your friends about this.

The kick off party for Nanowrimo in Singapore is on 29 October, 6.30pm at the multipurpose room (basement 1) in the National Library! Writery types, people who like cake and puns and whatnot! Come over to the party (especially if you’re going to the SWF on that day since this event is on 6.30pm which is after a lot of talks there!)