This is Home Truly at Cine65

I was invited to the media briefing of ciNE65 IV at Objectifs where I learned more about this season of competitors and the winning films.

Of course I got to know who they were before the actual event half an hour later but shhh. Shhh.

It was informative because the judges were able to tell the media what went through for this year’s entries since the actual awards ceremony would celebrate the participants more.

That’s Colonel Joseph Tan, the director of Nexus by the way. (His favourite out of all the entries is Ang Ku Kueh.)

He stated the students category this year blew him away.

Jeremy Sing of SINdie also noted that with the rise of technology, there had been very interesting shots although a bit unnecessary? He recalled a scene where the shot began in the kitchen and it went out of it and then pulled out to the HDB flat.

I guess that’s pretty interesting but so extra but hey if you got access to a drone, USE IT RIGHT? Hahahah.

Other judges like Sanif Olek preferred the messaging for this year as it is more subtle compared to the first time Cine65 was out. The stories had heart. For judge, N.Mohamed Yahssir, he found that it brought him back memories of Singapore as many of the short films try to bring the nostalgic feel in their stories.

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It starts from a Spark

I was invited to the sneak preview of episode 6 of the DBS Sparks series.

Episode 6 will officially premiere on the 17th March, noon on their channel.

I watched it and it is quite touching, as it has to do with education and the cultural sensitivities in villages where girls aren’t able to study. I can’t say more without spoiling so perhaps you can just watch it yourself!

The whole series is actually based on real life events that the bankers actually go through.

You might think it’s fictional, but it’s not! Episode 6 is especially influenced by one of the Social Media Enterprises that they have supported, like Zaya.

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Cine65 ! Home Truly!

It’s the fourth season of CiNE65 with the theme of Home ● Truly.

Yep, when you say the theme, you know how the song goes.

It’s a short film competition organized by Nexus, Ministry of Defence and this time, with this time they hope to inspire more Singaporeans to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the nation.

TL;DR : Join it, it has an open and student category, you’re able to win prizes like $3000, Panasonic 4k camcorder, learning trip etc. You like making videos? Just join it.

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Do you wanna make a shortfilm?

The Prologue

You know how to sing it. Do you wanna make a short fiiiiilm? It doesn’t have to be a short film…

Anyway, I was invited to ciNE65‘s The Prologue, aka their launch of their commissioned films and the whole intro about season three for submissions to their competition!

This season’s theme is “Believing • Home”.

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Another Time…

Remember 48 Hour Film Project? Tiramisue has finally uploaded the director’s cut on youtube! You can watch our film here.

Fun fact! It was a collaboration between Singapore and our other team in Vancouver!

The requirements for 2011’s Singapore 48 film project was:

Character: Jason / Jamie Chen
Prop: Apple
Line of Dialogue: “Time will tell.”

The genre that our team got was “Time Travel” which was a wild card and we won for Best Use of Character! That and a set of Crocs shoes for each of the crew cause they were one of the sponsors for this year! In fact, if you got to see all the films this year, a lot of them were very good and some were even done by people from productions companies?!.

Not sure how 2012 will be like but at this rate, the films are turning out more like a typical film fest but done in a less amount of time and even with the requirements needed!

Oh with less angst of course. 48h has always had more comedic short films and it’s pretty fun.

SDS 1.21 – Thriller

And thus, when faced with zombies, bring a camera along. Avariel, Mintea were with me and later on we were joined by Miss Hallelujah and her friend Thurisaz83! For those who don’t know. THE GREAT BIG ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an independent zombie movie done by people who wanted to do one! You can check more on their website about it. For now, we went to check out their zombie flashmob that was happening on a Saturday!

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Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel

48h logo

Finally it’s online! Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel.

You can watch it here:

Click on the video to watch it in HD form on the youtube site. Meanwhile, we won Best use of Dialogue and Best editing for Singapore.

Oh and this production was an Australian/Singapore collab thing if you didn’t know. We did the script over Skype, international phone calls when it started to lag, Google documents and Celtx.

Curtin university students on the Australian side, uhh non-students in the Singapore side and a whole lot of rushing of uploading things online and downloading said clip to and fro both sides of the productions. Heh.

48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

48h logo

For those who don’t know about the 48 Hour Film Project, it’s a competition that is held all over the world and that you have to complete a short film of 4 to 7 minutes (excluding credits) within 48 hours. This is the second year Singapore is having it.

Oh and you have to put in the 3 required items that is needed in the story and you don’t know what genre you’ll get until the day itself. What are the 3 items needed?

Prop: Scissors

Character: Amy/Andy Yeo, a journalist

Dialogue: Is it supposed to look like that?

And as for my team, we got a mockumentary. How amusing, yes?


Meanwhile, my brothers also joined the competition. I’ve taken a look at their entry and… I seriously want to see the faces of the audience when it is being screened. The competitors were required to be at TISCH Asia at least by 7pm, Friday, 1st May 2009.

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Meanwhile, a little prelude… Plus Script Frenzy

There’s posties for May but I’ll actually post them when it’s May (duh). For now, what have I been doing?

Hohoho! I’ve been on production! A sci-fi based… Okay, it’s actually a Jedi/Sith music video of sorts. You can read them here:

Production Day 1

Production Day 2

And a really work in progress preview trailer since people have been curious what we had been doing. Sheesh, people! Be patient! We didn’t even get the time to have the special effects composited and all yet! Effects will be overseen by 4Dpencil and yes, I know you’re probably going what the heck at the techno music. That’s not the real music for the final piece.

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