Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel

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Finally it’s online! Beyond the Band: Johnny Axel.

You can watch it here:

Click on the video to watch it in HD form on the youtube site. Meanwhile, we won Best use of Dialogue and Best editing for Singapore.

Oh and this production was an Australian/Singapore collab thing if you didn’t know. We did the script over Skype, international phone calls when it started to lag, Google documents and Celtx.

Curtin university students on the Australian side, uhh non-students in the Singapore side and a whole lot of rushing of uploading things online and downloading said clip to and fro both sides of the productions. Heh.

48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

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For those who don’t know about the 48 Hour Film Project, it’s a competition that is held all over the world and that you have to complete a short film of 4 to 7 minutes (excluding credits) within 48 hours. This is the second year Singapore is having it.

Oh and you have to put in the 3 required items that is needed in the story and you don’t know what genre you’ll get until the day itself. What are the 3 items needed?

Prop: Scissors

Character: Amy/Andy Yeo, a journalist

Dialogue: Is it supposed to look like that?

And as for my team, we got a mockumentary. How amusing, yes?


Meanwhile, my brothers also joined the competition. I’ve taken a look at their entry and… I seriously want to see the faces of the audience when it is being screened. The competitors were required to be at TISCH Asia at least by 7pm, Friday, 1st May 2009.

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Meanwhile, a little prelude… Plus Script Frenzy

There’s posties for May but I’ll actually post them when it’s May (duh). For now, what have I been doing?

Hohoho! I’ve been on production! A sci-fi based… Okay, it’s actually a Jedi/Sith music video of sorts. You can read them here:

Production Day 1

Production Day 2

And a really work in progress preview trailer since people have been curious what we had been doing. Sheesh, people! Be patient! We didn’t even get the time to have the special effects composited and all yet! Effects will be overseen by 4Dpencil and yes, I know you’re probably going what the heck at the techno music. That’s not the real music for the final piece.

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Silver ring with gemstone setting class at JDMIS!


Yes! I went to the Jewelry Design & Management International School on Saturday, 10am for their course on making rings. What I have to say is that it is ridiculous that there are very few reviews about this school online. At least I can’t find much reviews on it especially when after experiencing it myself and that it’s absolutely good?!? I suppose the people attending the classes aren’t really major bloggers anywho.

Well onwards with the module!

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Book exchange at the National Library!


Hohohoh, have some old books that you want to exchange for others? Well then, lock in 25th April 2009 in your calendars!

The details!

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
Time: 10.30am to 6pm
Venue: The Plaza, National Library Building,100 Victoria Street

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