SDS 2.24 – Black Sheep

Singapore Toy Games Comics Convention 2010 aka STGCC! Alright, I managed to go to all three days since I was helping out at the con too so it was from 10 Dec to 12 Dec. Most of the pictures of the stalls etc were taken on Friday BEFORE people were let in so HO HO HO, I could take pics before I got the crowd in the hall.

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STGCC: And for those who make it fun

The Singapore Toys, Games, Comics Convention 2010 starts tomorrow! Hurray! They’ve got the line up and “who’s who” up at their website now including the name of the shops. However, I’d like to focus on SOME people who aren’t “special guest stars” but who make the convention fun. They range from the various shops, to the organizations and even media people! I got to talk or rather email some of the people below so heh, you guys will get to know more on them!

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Survival tips for STGCC 2010

Woo, ok. Another in my series of STGCC posts before it hits December!

Haven’t been to STGCC before? Fret not, here’s a recap of what happened last year in my summary post! Yeah, I got to go the conferences last year since I managed to go for “my work”. It was semi related anyway. If you’re too busy to read the post, the video pretty much recaps last year!

Yes, lots of people. Art. Cosplayers. Games. Etc. Much fun! Ok but there are rules to have fun at the convention. If you want a fun time, read my pointers of do-s and don’ts!

To have fun, this post is gonna be SRS BISNEZZZ about knowing what to do especially for those who are flying in to Singapore for it! Although STGCC isn’t as big as NYCC or SDCC, it’s always good to know the locale and culture about it here, eh? This post is assuming you have bought tickets etc so it’s more of how do you get there and do what?

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The back story! Sorta.

Hurray! Singapore Toys, Games, Comics Convention is happening on the 10th December till 12th December this year. Before I do my flashback of 2009’s STGCC, I’m gonna do a series of posts for this. Well, just three or four before the day hits!

Did you know I was part of the semi-secret focus group for 2010’s STGCC? WELL NOW YOU KNOW. I said semi-secret cause they told us we shouldn’t blog about it until they confirmed things etc but we could just that they wouldn’t confirm it etc. Mind you, this was since MARCH so I’m like, “YES, YES. I CAN FINALLY SAY IT HAH!!!”.

This is gonna be a me-centric post in which I am wondering if I am an enabler or the fault of some of the events there… D:

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Singapore Toy, Games & Comics Convention 2009

I don’t know how to start this so I’ll say that it was awesome!


Wooo, wooo okay. So on the first day (for me), on Friday I went to the conference sessions first. Bla de dah. It was pretty cool! The stuff were informative and fun. Also, I got a conference goodie bag. The speakers were all very interactive too and you got to learn more about their various productions or products.

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Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention Flashback!

This is a flashback post. The STGCC was on 2008 in June, this year, it’s on in August. You can check details on their website. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday.

Heh, if you ever wanted to say hello to me, I’ll be at the Movie Mania booth from 9am-12pm on Sunday (16th August) since I’m helping them out a bit.

Also, you guys can check more about costuming and making props there! Seriously, it’s one booth that you might want to check out! Feel free to pose with the costumers and such there too.

Oh and if you’re around on Saturday afternoon, PLEASE, please vote for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy during the cosplay competition.


Let’s get onwards to our flashback episode!

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