SDS 3.3 – Written in the Stars

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content was on the 26-28 May 2011. I got registered for it and since it did cost quite a bit, here are some highlights and notes from the conferences! It is a literary adventure for this episode. The conferences and workshops were held at the Arts House.

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SDS 2.22 – Dig A Little Deeper

As we signed the indemnity forms, I realize that if we were to accidentally activate zombies, mummies or strange portals, it wouldn’t be the archaeologist’s fault and we’d have to FIGHT TO SURVIVE!

Or something like that.

However, there were no zombies, mummies or strange portals… In this episode of ARCHAEOLOGICAL ADVENTURE! Wooo. It’s still fun nonetheless.

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A whole bunch of talks or competitions!

Woooh, a whole bunch of events! Well, usually these things tend to run in the second half of the year onwards. Click the more cut to read more. We have:

  • Talk: ‘In the Footsteps of Raffles’
  • Workshop: What’s Your Singapore Memory?
  • Talk/ Book Launch: ‘A life of its Own’
  • Competition: e-Mote Digital Storytelling
  • Workshop: e-MOTE storytelling
  • Competition: 2010 Adelaide Review Short Fiction
  • Competition: Man Asia Literary Prize 2010
  • Competition: The Iowa Short Fiction Award
  • Competition: The 30th Arvon International Poetry Competition 2010
  • Competition: Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2011

Uuuungh. I did wonder to split this post into two or something but whatever. I’ll put them under headlines so you can scroll and pick at it at your own pace or something. Or usually, I’d just copy just the title of the event and press ctrl+f it or apple+f depending on which computer I’m on.

Onwards we go!

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The Diary of An Unreasonable Man

There’s a book talk coming up that seems to be organized by the Penguin Books Singapore at the Earshot Cafe!

It’s a book talk by Madhav Mathur, the author of The Diary of An Unreasonable Man in conversation with Deepika Shetty.

The short details:

Date: 14 May

Time: 7pm

Location: Earshot Cafe at The Arts House ( 1 Old Parliament Lane)

Since it’s a public event, you don’t need to register but just show up!

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SDS 1.15 – Jai Ho

The Treasury of the World – Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals is still running until the 27 June. Joelyn Alexandra, Raven Silvers, Avariel and I went there on the 28th of March because they were having a special Mighty Mughals weekend festival (we were busy on the 27th with this) ! It meant free entry to the Asian Civilizations Museum too! The one near the river. Behind the Arts House, that one since I know there’s two.

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Author appearances for the month!

Is it me or are there more author appearances for this year or something? Anyway, here’s the info! A copy paste from the various sources I got.

  • Andrea Levy
  • Norma Sit
  • Greg Mortenson

And also one book launch at the Earshot by R. Chandran and Amy J Cheng

Here we go!

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SDS 1.8 – Open Book

Co-stars of this episode includes: Avariel and Mintea.

Now, this episode had me thinking, should I write nicely or should I just say it as it is in Sarah form. Hmmm. And when I mean nicely, I mean in a semi generic manner without putting my take on it. However, then it wouldn’t be a Seriously Sarah posty so HECK THAT. New readers, those who don’t know my style, note that being ridiculous and chic-lity is my forte so that’s what you’re going to get. Oh for a MORE comprehensive general outlook for this event, Mintea has posted here.

This is all going to blow up in my face somehow sooner or later since I’m involved book-wise here and in the end, I’m SO gonna see these people once more but eh, whatever man. It’s not mean… Just CHIC-LITTY once you read what I mean.

SUPER WARNING: This is gonna be wordy as all heck.

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Young Writers Seminar and a submission!

Righto! The first is on All In! Young Writers Seminar co-organized by the National Book Development Council of Singapore, The Arts House and NUS Literary Society! The second is a submission for science-fiction/fantasy with an Eastern overtone!

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