And I typed on… Apparently

Screen shot of a line from my Nano

Just so you know, I’m doing Nanowrimo this year and it’s chic-lit. The starting is rubbish and I mean it’s worse than my usual silly ones because I haven’t gotten into the groove of being silly or not taking this thing seriously. I write best when I just write but at the moment, it’s not writing that much since I’m being serious so baaah.

Oh yeah, I installed a new plug in on WordPress and considering that I’m on my eeePC, I don’t have Photoshop on it so I just edited these screens on Paint. Click on the pictures to view it in its original size!

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A Comedy of Errors

waidnano 001

Booyah! I went to “An Evening With Mark Waid”. Saw Mr Comic Shop Owner guy (Bernard of G&B Comics) and I’m more than sure he thinks I’m a freakish fangirl by now or something since I keep appearing at the comic panels and talks. I just do especially for this month since it’s Singapore Writers Festival and I’m there anyway… ANYWHO, The Pod is a super special restricted area of the library where you have to be registered to enter since it’s only accessible by one lift and only when it’s “beep”ed in by the staff.

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Adelaide Review Short Fiction Competition


Another writing competition! Well, click read more for the other details.

Adelaide Review Annual Short Fiction Competition is now open for submissions.

“The Adelaide Review, in association with the Creative Writing Program, is proud to announce the first Annual Short Fiction Competition. This annual competition aims to encourage the art of short fiction writing, to set new standards in contemporary short fiction and to be one of Australia’s most prestigious writing awards. The competition features an international judging panel consisting of prize-winning Australian author and Chair of the Creative Writing Program, Brian Castro, Noel Laureate J.M. Coetzee and Jamaican poet and short story writer Oliver Senior.”

The Adelaide Review short fiction competition is open to writers from anywhere around the world, as long as the original text is written in English, has not previously been published and is a maximum of 2,500 words. The full conditions of entry are available through its website at

The rules and regulations.The deadline for entries is Friday, 10 July 2009.

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The 3Ds to winning story competitions in Singapore

Mind you, a disclaimer, I’m totally not a judge of any official writing events or an award winning writer or some teacher or whatever. Heck, you can even see that I’m not writing “proper” here. I am just me. A normal typical person.

Okay, I had to laugh insanely a bit there at the previous line.

ANYWHO! Yes, from my observations, you need the 3Ds to win story competitions in Singapore. Mind you, the 3Ds don’t count if it has a specific genre like chic-lit or romance or science fiction (I forgot the name of that event but yes, there was a sci-fi comp for students last year or so).

You need the 3Ds to win in open story competitions where you’re allowed to write whatever story you want. Only you know, that’s not true. You’re allowed to write whatever story you want but the winners will always be the ones that have the 3Ds. What are they?

The 3Ds by Seriously Sarah:

  • Descriptive
  • Dramatic
  • Depressive

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