Ashes to Ashes: Prologue

Helloooo, so… This story came to me from a dream. Well technically it’s original source is a gothic Cinderella dream of sorts. I decide to refix the dream to make it more logical and well, it wanted to be read like a real story. So have a short mini series of Ashes to Ashes. It should be quite short, I hope since I’m just writing it as it goes. Those who read the original dream (I posted that somewhere else) might know how it ends but eh, it always changes when you write it down properly!

Let’s just see ok?

Ashes to Ashes


By Seriously Sarah/ sarah coldheart

In the world, there is light and darkness. Neither overpowering the other because of the Balance. The creatures of the light were such beings like the humans, fairies and sorcerers while the creatures of the dark were the trolls, goblins and witches. There were much more but the rest of them hid in their own realms.

The light and dark never mixed or never wanted to although traders would travel through to do business with both. No one else would like to speak to the other willingly except for when profit was to be had.

Jeremiah was one of these traders and he travelled thru and fro the two realms, bringing items to sell to each other. In one of his travels, he brought back a wife.

For a while, they settled down at Ora, a little village on the edge of the realm of light. Together, they had a baby girl. The baby girl had auburn hair similar to her father’s and the bright emerald green eyes like her mother’s.

Ashlinn was to be her name.

Years passed and the three of them lived happily together in their little home. Jeremiah went on his trading trips now and then just to supply their income while Ashlinn spent her time with her mother, playing in the garden at the back of their house.

It was when Ashlinn was ten that a plague had spread amongst the little villages and towns in the realm of light and that her mother fell prey to it. All the doctors and sorcerers that Jeremiah had fetched could not help her. As her time drew near, it seemed helpless to call for any other healers. No one could find a cure for the plague as even some the royal family had succumbed to it.

It was a mysterious disease that seemed to strike people at random that came out of nowhere.

On her last day, just before midnight, her mother drew Ashlinn close to her to whisper into her ear. With a nod, Ashlinn promised not forget what her mother had told her. Jeremiah cuddled his wife close to him and at the last strike of midnight, she was no more.

That was seven years go.

INSERT THEME SONG. Duh, duh, duuuuuuuuh.

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