SDS 1.25 – I want to be the very best!

Bet you didn’t know we had Pokemon Gyms in Singapore. Well they only started late last year or early this year anyway. Nonetheless, there was a tournament at Millenia Walk for the trading card gamers and also the video gamers of Pokemon.

It was supposed to start around noon but a lot of people were there by 10am or so just trading cards with each other or setting up the place.

I went there early because I wanted some breakfast. Meanwhile, there was also a small store there selling all sorts of Pokemon goods!

In front of the store though was a little exhibition of the various collectible and hard to find Pokemon games, toys and other things. The acrylic thing above next to the Pikachu trophy is a trophy too but you couldn’t see what it was since it was ‘frosted’. It was one of the prizes for one of the past international competitions.

Since we didn’t have past tournaments in Singapore, I’m guessing all these were loaned from some collector or something because you couldn’t get it except from playing the games. Well, ebay is one way but no one really can get that much of a detailed collection all from ebay (yes, I checked to see if there were). They’re so pretty!

Anyway, Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Mintea, Avariel and me were there to join the video games section since we had either Heart Gold or Soul Silver on our NDS.

We each got a card and had to fill in what Pokemon we were using for the game itself. You have to check the rules you see and in your team you can only have one legendary Pokemon in it, no repeating same Pokemon and etc. There were banned types of Pokemon for the tournament so you really have to read the rules.

BUT FIRST, there was a Pikachu walking around! Well at certain times anyway.

You can see it dance here with Misty! Ash was late but he did come later… Hahahahah!

Anywho, for a first time event in Singapore, I think the “staff” were overwhelmed. They aren’t really staff since they don’t get paid but they’re more like volunteer leaders in a way? Anyway that’s the Professor there! That’s a title for the overseer of the games and whatnot. Kind of like a judge since “below” a Professor there’s Gym Leaders and then after that there are Trainers and so on. We’re just Pokemon Trainers.

Before they could start the real card matches, they had to fill in forms to show what cards were in their deck to prevent cheating etc. That took a bit of time and there were some families who went together. There’s a few divisions according to age group for the card games. Soon after, they got to start the games! If I read the results properly, one of the top winners in the junior division is a girl!

Meanwhile, we queued up for the video game matches! The Elite 4 Challenge is that there’s only one winner for each day for the four days of the tournament. Meanwhile, Joelyn was the first player in the match!

So anyway she won the first match! Woooh! Everyone was like “AWWW!” or “YES!” etc like as if it was a live game. There’s lots of people there and well, really it was quite an interesting turn out for a first time event here!

Ok, so we didn’t stay until the end. It was rather tiring in a way and well, the queue was long. End results, yes! For Singapore at least there’s some girls who’re in the top champions so we have a variety of players who had won! Yaaay! Next year we’ll probably try it again since the system should be faster then.

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